Nauru 2000

Yearbook 2000

Nauru. On April 8, a new parliament was appointed. Shortly thereafter, President René Harris was re-elected for another three years, while former Minister Ludwig Scotty became the new President. After just over a week, however, both Harris and Scotty resigned, and Bernard Dowiyogo was named new president. Scotty was later re-elected as President. Fraction battles were considered to be behind the course of events.

In July, the G8, the world’s richest countries, threatened to impose sanctions on the states, including Nauru, which allow the laundering of black money on its territory. Dowiyogo had previously promised to take action against this. During the year Nauru became a full member of the Commonwealth.

In March 2010, Stephen disbanded parliament and held parliamentary elections for April. HAn won the election but lost a vote in parliament in November 2011, after which Freddie Pitcher became president. He was faced with a new vote of no confidence which he lost and new president for the next 1½ years became Sprent Dabwido.

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Australia had a refugee camp in Naura in 2001-07: the Nauru Detention Center, to which refugees reaching Australia were sent. The center was a major source of income for the poor country, but was closed for humanitarian reasons in 2008. It reopened in August 2012. Nauru does not allow Amnesty International or other international human rights organizations access to the center, where refugees are stored under inhumane conditions.

Baron Waqa was elected president of Naurus in June 2013. The country is hard hit financially by the lack of revenue and by the global warming that will cause flooding of parts of the country. Although it has been close allies of Australia and the United States since independence and has traditionally voted as the United States in the UN General Assembly, this alliance is in disarray. Primarily due to the unwillingness of large industrialized countries to curb CO 2 emissions and thus rising water levels.

Nauru has had diplomatic relations with Israel for decades, and has been the country’s faithful backer of the UN politically. Israel has paid for the political support with financial assistance.

Population 2000

According to COUNTRYAAH, the population of Nauru in 2000 was 10,226, ranking number 226 in the world. The population growth rate was -0.550% yearly, and the population density was 516.8500 people per km2.