Laos 2000

Laos Population Pyramid

Yearbook 2000

Laos. During the first months of the year, an escalation of the guerrilla attacks in central L., where an armed group of the hmong people fought the communist regime since 1975. was reported. in the capital, where deaths were claimed and many people injured.

Several people were injured when a bomb dropped on a bicycle exploded at the entrance to Vientiane’s international airport in November. The attack happened just before Vietnam’s foreign minister arrived for a meeting with the Southeast Asian foreign ministers. Prior to the meeting, the Lao government had assured that there was no threat to the safety of the visiting dignitaries.

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At the Foreign Minister’s meeting, the Ganges-Mekong cooperation body was formed with L., India, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam as members. The organization is intended to strengthen cooperation on education, culture and tourism. The meeting was followed by a state visit by China’s President Jiang Zemin. Assessors saw Jiang’s visit as an attempt to displace Vietnam as L’s most important political ally.

In its annual report on religious freedom in the world, the United States acknowledged L. that the country made great progress in securing the freedom of residents to practice their religion.

Population 2000

According to COUNTRYAAH, the population of Laos in 2000 was 5,323,589, ranking number 106 in the world. The population growth rate was 1.900% yearly, and the population density was 23.0663 people per km2.

Laos Population Pyramid