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Yearbook 2000

Azerbaijan. In March, the "president" of the Nagorno-Karabakh breaker, Arkadij Gukasian, was subjected to an armed attack. He was wounded but survived. A series of arrests followed the attack, and the former enclave's former defense minister was brought to justice accused of planning the attack against Gukasian. Shortly after the assassination attempt, fighting broke out at the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Ten Azerbaijani soldiers were reported killed in the clashes.

2000 Azerbaijan

A few hundred people were arrested by police in May following a demonstration involving several thousand people, demanding the resignation of the single president Gejdar Alijev. According to COUNTRYAAH, the police were charged with assault against the protesters. In June, Aliyev released about 80 political prisoners, but many members of the political opposition were still imprisoned. Assessors said that the release was linked to an upcoming debate in the Council of Europe about possible future membership of Azerbaijan.

Following criticism from the West, Aliyev agreed to the demand that the opposition be allowed to register parties and take part in the parliamentary elections in November. Twelve opposition parties agreed to urge voters to gather their votes for the Musavat Party led by Isa Gambar. But when the election was over, Alijev's ruling party Yeni Azerbaijan was proclaimed victorious with about 70% of the vote, while the opposition parties would have received only a handful of seats.

The opposition's own data spoke of Musavat's victory over Yeni Azerbaijan and a turnout of only half of the 70% officially declared. International observers explained that the election had been undemocratic and that electoral fraud had occurred in various forms. The opposition demanded new elections. Protests against the regime erupted in several parts of the country, and the police reportedly arrested many people.

The ruling party's top candidate in the election was the president's son Ilham Alijev, who had been elected vice-chairman of the party the year before and who was considered by many to be the next president.

According to a report from the World Bank during the autumn, government corruption in Azerbaijan was worse than in any other country in the world.

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