Trips to Miami, Florida

Trips to Miami, Florida

Events throughout the year

There’s always something going on in Miami and you shouldn’t get bored. The following events are special highlights of the year.

  • South Beach Jazz Festival: The South Beach Jazz Festival takes place in January each year. From traditional to modern to Latin and New Orleans Jazz, you get a lot on your ears here. The organizer, David New, suffers from an illness that left him immobile, blind and deaf and so this festival is especially dedicated to disabled artists.
  • Coconut Grove Arts Festival: 360 artists are selected each year to take part in the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. They come from the fields of painting, photography, jewelry design, sculpture, and more. You wander from stand to stand and can also watch life performances. Concerts and food stalls enliven the picture.
  • Mardi Gras Mardi Gras: There are some Mardi Gras related festivals in March. One million visitors are drawn to the various carnival events every year.
  • American Black Film Festival: The American Black Film Festival takes place every June. It is a multi-day film award ceremony at which African American films and filmmakers are awarded.
  • Aqua girl: The Aqua Girl is a women-only festival that takes place every August. Women from the LBT community have been meeting here for 20 years and celebrating life.
  • Miami International Auto Show: The “Miami International Auto Show” took place for the 48th time in 2019 and lasts 10 days. Antique automobiles are the magnet of this show, which South Florida automobile houses invite to every year.
  • Ultra Music Festival: The Ultra Music Festival can look back on a long history. The main stage with its impressive lighting effects is absolutely legendary.

Book accommodation in Miami

Miami is one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the USA and definitely a place where books are not enough, but which one – and its residents – should experience live once. The city is totally geared towards tourism and has plenty of hotels and other options to spend the night. For a better user experience, compare individual hotels and other accommodations in the location that suits you best based on your travel preferences. In our experience, the free provider is very suitable for this There you can compare offers and book your accommodation for the nights in Miami directly.

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Worthwhile day trips from Miami

There is actually so much to experience and so many attractions in Miami that you don’t necessarily have to leave the city on vacation. Nonetheless, the many other attractions in the Sunshine State automatically invite you to take a trip or two in the area. It is best to secure a rental car from a car rental company.

The following sights are not only well known, but also definitely worth a visit.

  • Everglades: The Everglades are high on the list here. They are Florida’s important ecosystem. It is home to a number of critically endangered species, such as the Florida panther, West Indian manatee, and leather-backed turtle. The Everglades cover an area of ​​approximately 6,000 square kilometers south of Miami. The excursion in a glass-bottom boat can be supplemented with a visit to the Alligator Park.
  • Key West: Key West virtually joins the Everglades. Highway 1 from Miami to Key West crosses 31 islands and 43 bridges of varying lengths. If you only drive and don’t make any stops, the route takes about four hours. In Key West, you can tour Ernest Hemingway’s house or just enjoy staying in the only frost-free city in the United States. Caribbean flair meets luxurious restaurants and fantastic shopping experiences.
  • Bimini: Bimini, an island in the Bahamas Group, can be reached from Miami by high-speed ferry. Admittedly, it’s a very long day out, but it’s exactly the stuff dreams are made of. You arrive on the island in the late morning and can spend the day snorkeling, jet skiing and lying on the beach before heading back in the evening.
  • Orlando and the amusement parks: Disney World, America’s largest theme park, is definitely worth a day trip. There are shuttle buses from Miami so that the trip can be stress-free. For Harry Potter fans, Universal Studios is a dream come true. A whole park has been created around the theme and so you can have a butter beer here or find the perfect magic wand for yourself. But there is also a lot to experience here for Muggles.

And if you can’t warm up to Disney World or Universal Studios, Orlando is worth a day trip for, because in addition to fantastic golf courses that welcome day visitors, there is also the “ Harry P. Leu Garden “Including a rose and butterfly garden.

  • Kennedy Space Center: The Kennedy Space Center is a must for fans of space technology. This is where NASA is at home and from here numerous spaceships have been launched into space. Short documentaries are regularly screened in our own IMAX cinema.
  • Fort Lauderdale: Considered the Venice of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is known for its beaches and bustling nightlife. But the city not only has sun, parties and sand, but also museums, historical buildings and much more that are well worth seeing. The city’s drive-in cinema promises a special user experience. With 14 screens, it is the largest of its kind in the world.
  • Opa-Locka: The small town was founded in the 20s of the previous century and is a real El Dorado for all fans of oriental architecture. There are over twenty buildings here that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Grandpa-Locka is around ten kilometers from Miami.

Trips to Miami, Florida