Dominica 2000

Yearbook 2000

Dominica. The opposition party Dominica Labor Party (DLP) won 10 of the 21 seats in the parliament in the January 31 elections, which doubled the party’s mandate compared to the 1995 election. DFP) won two seats in Parliament, The House of Assembly.

On February 3, Rosie Douglas (DLP) was sworn in as Dominica’s new prime minister at the head of a coalition government of her own party Dominica Labor Party and the right-wing party Dominica Freedom Party. Businessman Ambrose George was named finance minister. The DFP coalition party received three of the government’s eleven ministerial posts. However, Rosie Douglas unexpectedly passed away on October 1, when he was found dead in his house in Portsmouth. Labor Minister Pierre Charles took over the prime minister post after Douglas.

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Population 2000

According to COUNTRYAAH, the population of Dominica in 2000 was 69,539, ranking number 203 in the world. The population growth rate was -0.410% yearly, and the population density was 92.8667 people per km2.