Armenia 2000

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Yearbook 2000

Armenia. The entire government resigned when Prime Minister Aram Sarkisian was dismissed in May by President Robert Kotjarjan. The president accused the government of “political play” which made the country unstable and exacerbated the economic problems.

Andranik Markarian, leader of the Armenian Republican Party, was appointed new head of government. The new Prime Minister and the President promised to end the conflicts between the two offices and their contradictions with Parliament. Markarian also said he would like to fight the widespread corruption. He also promised to deal with unemployment and poverty. According to some estimates, more than a third of the residents were unemployed. Markarians financial plan included doubled pensions and salaries for government employees over a three-year period. However, the Government’s hopes of a 6% GDP growth during the year did not seem to be met. Armenia’s economy is plagued by large sums going to the military conflict with Azerbaijan over the Armenian breakaway climax Nagorno-Karabakh.

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Extensive fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh

September 27

The government introduces martial law and orders military mobilization after fighting broke out between Armenian separatists and the Azerbaijani military in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, which is in Azerbaijan but controlled by Armenia. Both sides accuse each other of having started the fighting and of attacking areas with civilians. The outside world calls for reflection, but the fighting continues and after four days has claimed the lives of around 100 people on the Armenian side, of which just under a fifth are civilians. Azerbaijan reports no losses. Armenia accuses Turkey of interfering in the conflict on Azerbaijan’s side and of shooting down an Armenian plane, which Turkey denies. The fighting is the most serious confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan since 2016.

Population 2000

According to COUNTRYAAH, the population of Armenia in 2000 was 3,069,480, ranking number 133 in the world. The population growth rate was -0.940% yearly, and the population density was 107.8184 people per km2.

Armenia Population Pyramid