5 Must in Bugibba

5 must in Bugibba

The resort of Bugibba on the northeast side of Malta has plenty to offer its visitors. The small Mediterranean island of Malta has English as its official language and is popular with British expats and tourists. This is especially noticeable in Bugibba, where you will find British pub food and British pubs. Bugibba is a dull summer town and you go here to take it easy in the sun, to have a beer in the evening and eat good and cheap food. There are plenty of bars and simple entertainment available, as well as diving clubs and various water toys for rent. If you want to be sure that you do not enjoy too much, but that you also have time to get to know Bugibba and its area a little better, here is a list of 5 absolute must-haves if you are in Bugibba as a tourist.

Hiking in the shade of Salini National Park (also called Salina)

In what is called Qawra (pronounced aura) you will find this fantastic national park, where you can walk around among the shady trees or have a coffee for 1 euro in the cafeteria. A must if you are on holiday in Bugibba.

Cafe del Mar

According to Payhelpcenter, Cafe del Mar can probably best be described as an extra luxurious Lido, ie an area by the beach with a pool that you pay to enter. Cafe del Mar has a magical view of the sea, as well as an infinity pool. Most famous is probably cafe del Mar for its cool parties with famous DJs, but it is well worth a visit just to swim in the pool. If you choose to eat at the restaurant, you do not have to pay admission.

The water park at Bugibba square

OK, it’s not a big water park, but maybe it looks more like a small paved pool, but the kids love it. Here are water pistols and fountains to run through. The best part is that all this is completely free, and that the area is beautifully situated, so that those who do not want to play can instead enjoy the view of the Mediterranean.

Play or watch bocce at the bocce club in Bugibba

Bocci is a kind of boule-like game that is very popular in Malta. It is played on bocce pitches and there are bocce clubs all over the island. Tourists are welcome to watch and try. The big advantage of the bocce club in Bugibba is that it is located right on the water and also that the food there constantly gets good marks from those who have eaten there.

Eat a lactose-free, vegan or regular but incredibly good homemade ice cream at Sottozero.

Malta’s best ice cream parlor is a stone’s throw from Bugibba square, the central square of Bugibba. The ice cream is absolutely fantastic, and also very allergy-friendly. New fantastic flavors are constantly coming out, such as kinder eggs, torrone and lemon cheescake, and of course a selection of fresh sorbets with seasonal fruit or berries. Despite the large number of visitors, the waiting time is surprisingly short, and it is also very affordable.

Now you have 5 must for you as a tourist in Bugibba. Little family activities, little nature, little luxury party, little local culture. When you start to get tired and need to rest, the end will come when you can enjoy a fantastically good ice cream, hopefully walking slowly along the promenade while the sun slowly sets over the Mediterranean.

5 must in Bugibba