What to See in Strasbourg and Chamonix (France)

Chamonix (France)

Strasbourg (France)

According to A2z Camera Blog, Strasbourg means “city of roads” in French. From time immemorial, it has been located at the crossroads of the main routes leading to the Mediterranean Sea. It is the economic, cultural and intellectual capital of the historical region of Alsace. The city has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The oldest part of Strasbourg, where the main attractions are located, is located on a kind of island, cut off from the “main” land by the river Ill. Notre Dame Cathedral was built in the 13th-15th centuries in the Gothic style and is famous for its 142-meter spire, which makes it the tallest cathedral in the world. It is decorated with sculptural compositions from biblical scenes, a Column of Angels and an astronomical clock that was launched in 1547. The museum l’Oeuvre Notre-Dame is also located here, which contains a collection of sculptures from Roman times, the Gothic and Renaissance eras.

The oldest square in Strasbourg is Gutenberg Square. It is named after the famous inventor of printing, Johannes Gutenberg, who founded the first printing house. The most popular area of the historical part of the city can be called La Petite. Here you will see houses from the 16th century, many bridges spanning the river Ill, and a large number of shops and cafes. The Musée d’Art Moderne is worth a visit. Canvases and sculptures of the most famous impressionists are exhibited here. Among them are the works of Chagall and Manet. The Rogan Palace, an elegant palace built in the 18th century, is home to three museums – the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts.

There are about 10 large parks in the city. The Greenhouse Park occupies 25 hectares. Here you will see a rose garden, ponds, centuries-old trees (some planted during the time of Louis XIV). The park has a zoo. The oldest park is Contades. It was created back in the 15th century and is very suitable for families with children.

Today Strasbourg is one of the most important cities in Europe. Since 1949, the Council of Europe has been located here, and since 1952, the European Parliament.

The international airport is located 15 km southwest of the city.

Chamonix (France)

Chamonix is located in the center of the valley of the same name at the foot of Mont Blanc (4807 m). This ski center is a champion in several positions at once. It is the oldest (over 200 years old), largest (over 10,000 population) and most famous ski resort in France. Here in 1924 the first Winter Olympic Games were held.

There are 5 special zones for skiing, both with low gentle slopes for beginners, and slopes for more experienced skiers. These are Grand Monte, Le Brevent, Valle Blanche (White Valley), Le Tour and Le Flegère. Grand Monte ski areais located on the northern slopes and occupies heights from 1244 to 3275 m. The tracks here are mainly aimed at experienced skiers, some of them pass through the glacier. There are also opportunities for off-piste skiing. The height difference in Grand Monte reaches 2000 m, and the length of the longest route is 5 km.

Le Brevent and Le Flegère are suitable for intermediate skiers. They are connected by a lift, so they form a common area. Le Brevent is located on the southern slope at an altitude of 1095 m – 2525 m. This place can be reached by lift directly from Chamonix. The most interesting track is track number 2, which can be passed both as green and as red. The Le Flegère zone is very similar to Le Brevent and is famous for its abundance of red runs.

In Valle Blanche (White Valley) is one of the longest slopes in Europe, 22 km long. It starts from Mount Aguil do Midi. It is worth going to the White Valley only with clear skies, with an experienced guide and with full equipment.

Le Tour can be recommended for beginner skiers. The slopes here are wide and well prepared.

Some disadvantage of the resort is the inability to ride directly from the hotels. As a rule, skiers use buses every day to get to the ski lifts of their chosen ski area.

Chamonix is located at the intersection of three borders of three Alpine countries – France, Switzerland and Italy. To the Italian resort of Courmayeur leads a tunnel through Mont Blanc, and Switzerland can be reached by a mountain road through the Monte Pass.

Chamonix (France)