The Best Time to Go to Athens, Greece

The Best Time to Go to Athens, Greece

I think March is an excellent time for Athens. It’s already almost 20 degrees warm, and therefore perfect weather for sightseeing. But it will still be very cool after sunset at the latest, so you definitely need a jacket.

According to Cell Phone Explorer, the high season in Athens lasts from April to October. During the summer holiday season, i.e. in July and August, it is busier than usual.

From the end of November it slowly gets colder and it can often rain. From December to January the temperatures are mostly between 5 and 15 degrees. Without the sun, it can feel very cold, so you should actually take your winter jacket with you during this time.

If you visit Athens as part of a beach holiday or a cruise, you will probably be there automatically between April and October. In that case, I can only recommend you to always have water with you, not to do too much in one day and to book as many entrance tickets as possible online in advance.

Queues at ticket offices are not only annoying, but you are usually standing in the blazing sun, which is even less fun.

If you simply want to do a city break, the best time to fly to Athens is in March, April or October. There is a bit more activity over the Easter holidays and during the autumn holidays, but much less than in summer.

With temperatures around 20 degrees, spring and late autumn are great times for sightseeing.

How many days should you plan for Athens?

In just one day you can get a good overview of Athens and visit a highlight or two. If you have more time: all the better, there is a lot to discover!

Four days is a good amount of time to visit the main sights of Athens and have a few delicious meals.

If you still want to do one or the other trip to Delphi or Meteora or a boat tour, it is better to plan six or seven days.

Music and entertainment in Athens

You can find music on every corner in Athens. In many taverns you can hear live music in the evening while you dine. In a restaurant at the top of the Plaka stairs, for example, you can dance a round of sirtaki between courses.

There is also the Rebetico, which is a bit more special.

Rebetico originated in the working-class neighborhoods of Athens in the early 20th century. Christian refugees from Asia Minor mourned their lost homeland in this style of music.

Mixed with the native sounds of the time, the “Greek Blues” was born. Today, the rebetico is part of modern Greek culture.

To hear the real rebetico in Athens, you have to look out for a rebetadiko. The Rebetico performances take place in these establishments, where there is often food, but always plenty of wine.

A Rebetico night follows a ritual that usually begins around 10:00 p.m. and often ends around 4:00 a.m. You should definitely keep this in mind when planning for the next day!

In Exarchia I found the following shops that I absolutely have to recommend. They each hide on the first floor of the house, so keep your eyes peeled:

O Kavvouras : Above the Gyros booth, Themistokleous 64, Exarchia

Aggelos : First floor in a colorful house, opposite La Cantina Street Food, Zoodochou Pigis 19, Exarchia

Both shops have Rebetico evenings on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you are interested in music and would like to learn more about rebetico, I can recommend the book ” Rebetico: The Music of the Urban Subculture of Greece” !

Language and understanding

I didn’t meet a Greek in Athens who didn’t understand at least a little English. You get along very easily with English.

From time to time I also met Greeks who speak a little German, but they are rather rare. But somehow you always get by, I only met nice and helpful people in Athens. If someone didn’t understand me, he quickly summoned someone who could help.

Is Athens a safe city?

In a nutshell: Athens is a safe place.

Where there are many people hanging around, such as at the Acropolis, in the metro, in cafés or on larger squares, you should of course take care of your bag just as you would in front of the cathedral in Cologne or on the Grand Place in Brussels .

The Best Time to Go to Athens, Greece