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Rio de Janeiro


Brasilia is a city that was built specifically to be the capital. It did not grow by itself, so it is almost ideal from an architectural point of view.

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The city is only half a century old, so the architecture here is only modern. The main monument is the Three Powers Square, on which stands the domed National Assembly, the Aurora Palace, the Congress building and the Palace of the Supreme Court.

From an architectural point of view, the Cathedral is very beautiful. Also popular are the Torre de Televisao TV tower, the Meteor statue, the Arched Palace and the Juscelin Kubitschek memorial.

The main advantage of the capital is its nature. Most often, locals and tourists relax in the National Park. Monorails run along it, you can rent a bike, there are swimming pools and playgrounds. No less good is the City Amusement Park, the Botanical Garden and the Zoo.

Brasilia is also a cultural capital, with the National Theater and numerous museums worth visiting.

Nightlife in the city is also very vibrant – restaurants, bars and clubs with music and dancing are open all night.


This modern city is the perfect place for shopaholics. All shopping centers are located in the center, which is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. We advise you to buy here jewelry or H. Stern Jewelers branded jewelry – all this is sold in any shopping center, in hotels and even in duty free.

On W3 Avenue they sell excellent souvenirs. And it is better to buy clothes and household appliances in a shopping center, for example, Feira Shopping, or in the Forum department store.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a magical city, the real heart of the country. There are so many natural and cultural attractions here that it is impossible to see everything in one visit.


Rio’s beaches are truly amazing. Tourists most of all like to relax in three zones, which are noticeably different from each other:

  • Leblon is an expensive and prestigious beach in the area of ​​the same name. The safest, with high-end restaurants, a favorite place for wealthy locals and tourists
  • Ipanema is the best place for a family holiday. There are almost no waves on the sea
  • Copacabana is the beach with the most festive and cheerful atmosphere. High waves make it more suitable for surfing, but you can have fun without swimming

All beaches are clean, well-groomed, with sun loungers and other infrastructure.


The main advantage of Rio de Janeiro is its sights. The first thing to do is to visit the “visiting cards” of Brazil – the statue of Christ on Corcovado and Mount Pan de Azucar.

Of the architectural monuments, the buildings on Largo di Boticario Square are noteworthy – the fountain is especially beautiful. The palace of Tiradentes, the building of the Town Hall, the palace of the emperor are also interesting.

There are also many religious monuments – the Archbishop’s Cathedral, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, etc.

Museums deserve special attention, for example, the Indian Museum or the City Historical Museum. Art lovers will love the National Museum of Fine Arts.

You can take a good walk in the Botanical Garden, near Mount Corcovado. Interesting trees grow here and many rare birds live here. It is best to visit the garden on weekdays. Be sure to walk along the royal alley and look at the waterfalls and fountains.

Another beautiful place is the palace and park complex of Quinta da Boa Vista, with a zoo, San Cristovan Palace and a park. The zoo is home to rare animals and birds, mostly from Brazil. Lots of monkeys and birds.

But the main “attraction” of Rio is the carnival, which begins on the last Saturday before Easter and lasts for three days. The spectacle is really chic – platforms with people in chic suits pass through the streets, music is heard everywhere, people dance, sing and have fun. The excitement at this time is huge, so tickets for everything must be taken in advance.


Shopping is an important part of a holiday in Rio. We recommend visiting the Hippi and SAARA fairs, where you can buy great souvenirs. Be sure to take a walk along Rua Visconde de Piraja, with tents and shops.

More classic shopping is offered by shopping centers such as RioSul or Forum de Ipanema – they have branded boutiques, perfumery and home appliances stores. Particularly noteworthy is the Shopping Casino Atlantico, where boutiques and jewelry stores coexist with antique shops.

Rio de Janeiro