Martha, Malta

Martha, Malta

For many years, Malta has been famous for its unsurpassed resorts, it is always warm here, there is almost no rain, but the air is quite humid. Sunny weather is combined with the always sunny mood of the locals, who are very friendly to tourists. Marfa is rightfully considered one of the most famous resort regions of the island. It is located very close to the capital of Malta and the international airport. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Malta.


People settled here long before our era, but in the first century AD, the lands of Marfa were subjected to cruel raids by Arab warriors, and life in this region was fully restored only in the Middle Ages. It was since then that one of the main attractions of the entire island appeared here – the Red Tower, it was a sentinel signal point, and protected the banks of Marfa from intruders. Nearby, in a town called Sliema, there is also the National Archaeological Museum, which presents in miniature the heroic history of this small island nation.


The beaches of Marfa are an ideal place for those who want to hide from the hustle and bustle of civilization, as well as for those who go on vacation with small children. There are no nightclubs and countless disco bars here, only small cozy restaurants right on the coast with national cuisine and an abundance of seafood dishes. The days pass calmly, without even a hint of fuss, and in the evenings you can listen to the trills of cicadas and admire the starry sky.

But, first of all, Marfa is kilometers of magnificent beaches with the finest golden sand (which, by the way, no other resort on the island can boast of), the shores of Marfa are washed by the clean, always warm and calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can simply bask in the sun, or engage in all kinds of beach sports, soar over the sea on a parachute, or dive to its bottom with scuba gear. In addition, it is in these areas that you can not only observe the underwater life of marine life, but also find some kind of rarity, and even if you are not allowed to take it out of the country according to the current legislation, pleasant memories will remain with you for life.

Hotels, restaurants and shops in Marfa

Marfa has a well-developed infrastructure and a compact location of resort villages. All hotels are located close to the coastal zone and have their own equipped beach, so vacationers do not have to travel long distances to get to the sea. In the immediate vicinity there are also cafes, restaurants and markets where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and fish. And, of course, you can’t ignore the numerous shops with local souvenirs, the most popular of which are thin lace, which the craftsmen of the island have been knitting with their own hands for hundreds of years, unique ceramics, because pottery is considered one of the main crafts of the Maltese, and excellent local wine..

Entertainment and attractions of Marfa

The most attractive tourist town on the coast of Marfa is Mellieha, there is a picturesque bay of St. Paul, which protects the beach from the winds, and therefore the sea in this area is always calm and clear, which makes it especially attractive for families with kids and for diving enthusiasts. In addition, there are a lot of interesting places here that would be useful to visit with a guided tour, for example, the majestic Catholic Cathedral of St. Paul, which is an excellent example of the Baroque style, and the old Christian Church of the Holy Virgin. It is also recommended to go to a concert of a local orchestra to listen to national motives performed by it. Mellieha is also the venue for numerous festivals and folk festivals, the peak of which falls at the end of August, you must definitely get to them.

Marfa is also attractive to many because here you can fully relax and unwind without overloading yourself with a dense excursion program.

Marfa is also attractive to many because here you can fully relax and unwind without overloading yourself with a dense excursion program and hours-long trips to various attractions. There are all conditions for a calm and pleasant pastime, which almost every resident of a big city dreams of.

But if you get a little bored with the unhurried life here, you can go for impressions to nearby Valletta. In addition, in many villages of Marfa there is a ferry service with the neighboring islands of Comino and Gozo, which also have their own attractions and unique natural landscapes. A boat trip on a yacht along the coastline of Martha itself promises to be no less exciting.

Martha, Malta