Bushland, Texas

Bushland, Texas

According to EDUCATIONVV.COM, Bushland, Texas is located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle, in the northwestern part of the state. It is situated between Amarillo and Canyon, both cities within a 30-mile radius. The city is located in an area known as the Llano Estacado, or Staked Plains, which is characterized by flat terrain and wide open spaces.

The Llano Estacado covers a large area of land that extends from southeastern New Mexico to western Texas. The region is made up of prairie grasslands and rolling hills with occasional mesas and buttes. Bushland lies at an elevation of 3,700 feet above sea level and experiences a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold winters.

Bushland borders the Canadian River to the west which provides a source for irrigation for local farmers. To the south lies Palo Duro Canyon State Park which offers scenic views as well as hiking trails and camping sites for visitors from all over Texas.

The landscape around Bushland consists mostly of flat open plains with occasional mesas and buttes providing relief from its otherwise monotonous terrain. Native vegetation includes shortgrass prairie species such as blue grama grass, buffalo grass, dropseed grasses, bluestems grasses, sand dropseed grasses, curly mesquite grasses and prickly pear cactus.

Bushland offers its residents plenty of outdoor activities including fishing in nearby lakes such as Lake Meredith or Lake Greenbelt; bird watching at Palo Duro Canyon State Park; camping at Caprock Canyons State Park; golfing at White Deer Golf Course; or taking a drive down historic Route 66 to see some classic Americana sights. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or simply want to relax in nature’s beauty, Bushland has something to offer everyone.

Bushland, Texas

Demographics of Bushland, Texas

Bushland, Texas is a small city located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle. According to the 2019 U.S. Census, Bushland has a population of 4,453 people with an estimated median household income of $59,368. The racial makeup of Bushland is 79.1% White, 1.2% African American, 0.4% Native American, 0.3% Asian, 16.6% from other races and 2.4% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino residents make up 28.2% of the population in Bushland with most coming from Mexico and Central America and other Latin American countries such as Colombia and Peru.

The majority of Bushland’s residents are employed in industries related to agriculture and ranching such as farming, ranching and crop production while others work in construction or manufacturing related jobs such as machining or welding services for local businesses and factories across the region. There are also a number of service sector jobs available in the area such as retail salespersons and food preparation workers which make up about 10 percent of employment in Bushland according to 2018 estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Bushland is served by two school districts: Bushland Independent School District (BISD) which includes grades K-12; and Amarillo Independent School District (AISD) which serves students living within city limits but outside BISD boundaries up to grade 12 as well as some students living outside city limits up to grade 8th grade level only. BISD schools have been awarded numerous awards for academic excellence throughout its history including being named one of Texas’ top 25 public school districts by Niche’s 2017 Best Schools rankings for its high test scores and graduation rates among others while AISD schools have also been recognized for their commitment to quality education throughout its history including being named one of Newsweek’s 2017 America’s Most Challenging High Schools list for its high college readiness index score among other criteria.

Overall, Bushland is a diverse community with a mix of cultures that provides a great environment for families looking to settle down or visitors looking for outdoor adventure within close proximity to Amarillo’s amenities while still enjoying a small town feel with nearby state parks offering plenty of outdoor activities year-round.

Industries of Bushland, Texas

Bushland, Texas is a small town located in the panhandle of Texas. It is an agricultural community, with livestock and farming being the primary industries. The local economy is largely dependent on these two sectors, with farmers and ranchers providing the majority of the town’s income. The area is also home to several oil and gas companies, which have been a major source of employment for many years. In addition to these two industries, Bushland also has a strong tourism industry. There are many attractions nearby that draw tourists from all over the state and beyond. These include historical sites such as Fort Sumner and Palo Duro Canyon State Park, as well as outdoor recreation activities like fishing in Lake Meredith and hiking in Caprock Canyons State Park. The town also has several restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, museums and other businesses that cater to visitors from around the area. All of these businesses contribute to Bushland’s economy and help make it a vibrant community.

Road Network in Bushland, Texas

Bushland, Texas is a small town located in the panhandle of Texas. The road network in Bushland is diverse and well-maintained, making it easy to navigate the town. The main highway through the area is US Highway 87, which connects Bushland to Amarillo and other nearby towns. This road is especially important for commuters and those traveling into Amarillo for work or business. There are also several state highways that run through Bushland, such as State Highway 136 and State Highway 217. These routes provide access to various attractions in the area, such as Palo Duro Canyon State Park and Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. Additionally, there are a number of county roads that connect Bushland to other small towns in the surrounding region. These roads are typically lightly traveled but provide an important connection between rural communities in the area. Finally, there are several dirt roads that lead to outlying areas of Bushland and provide access to ranches and farms in the area. Overall, these various roads make it easy for residents of Bushland to access all parts of town as well as nearby attractions outside of town limits.