Bad Gastein Travel Guide


Bad Gastein – slopes and spas in the Austrian Alps. The atmospheric alpine destination is of interest all year round. The small town of Bad Gastein is a popular ski and spa destination in Austria.


For a snow holiday to Austria

Located in the Austrian state of Salzburg, Bad Gastein is one of the most popular alpine destinations in the country, which is especially popular during the winter season for skiing. Bad Gastein has more than 220 kilometers of slopes and good free-landing opportunities.

Even in the summer months, Bad Gastein is the choice of the active holidaymaker: hiking, mountain biking and golf are possible in the mountain scenery. The city is primarily used for active holidays to enjoy the surrounding mountain scenery.

Bad Gastein is a small town of about 5,000 inhabitants, whose population multiplies during the busiest seasons. The village is located more than 1,000 meters above sea level. Bad Gastein is best suited for active travelers, but nature lovers will also enjoy the atmospheric alpine town. The diverse services in the area also guarantee things for families with children, and the youngest members of the family can spend a successful holiday, for example, in activity centers for children, jumping on the trampoline, climbing the lianas or adventuring on the cable car.

Bad Gastein is a traditional winter destination with a very wide range of activities.

The best travel time depends on the activities

Bad Gastein’s busiest season is during the winter months, when tourists from all over the world arrive to spend an unforgettable alpine skiing holiday in the city. The coldest is from November to April, when temperatures are 10-15 degrees below zero, which is ideal for winter activities.

In the summer months, the weather in Bad Gastein is less likely to reach heat readings due to the high location of the city, and the average temperature in both June and July, for example, is only one degree above zero. The cool climate is perfect for activities.

The best time for a trip to Bad Gastein depends entirely on what you want to do in the destination. If you are planning to spend an unforgettable fall holiday, the winter months are the obvious choice. Those looking for a relaxing spa holiday should visit the city between the summer and winter seasons, while the best time to visit an Alpine hiking holiday is in the summer.

Bad Gastein is a traditional winter destination with a very wide range of activities

Active trip in Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein is best suited for the active traveler who appreciates natural attractions and mountain scenery. The shopping opportunities in the small town are very limited, but the offer of restaurants, spas and hotels in Bad Gastein, loved by tourists, is exceptionally good.

The most typical activities are downhill skiing and other snow sports, as well as hiking, to which the Alps surrounding the city offer endless route options for hikers of all levels.

Speak German or English

The alpine town in Austria speaks primarily German, but with tourism being a major industry, Bad Gastein speaks English very well. However, the tourist should prepare for the trip by learning the basic phrases in German.



In the city in the valley, you can watch the snowy peaks at their best even in summer.

Travel on a package or independently

There are no direct flights to Finland from Bad Gastein, and you typically travel there first by flying to Salzburg or Vienna, from where it is just over an hour’s drive to your destination. For example, Finnair and Norwegian operate direct flights from Helsinki to Salzburg, in addition to which Finnair flies direct from Helsinki to Vienna.

A few Finnish tour operators also make ski trips to Bad Gastein, so it is also possible to travel there on a package trip.

Plenty of accommodation options

The alpine town, popular with tourists, has a good selection of accommodation, with plenty of options from modest rental cottages to lavish spa hotels.

On a small budget, you can stay in a modest hotel, small rental cottage or home accommodation. If the budget is flexible, luxury hotels and high-quality rental cottages offer good accommodation options.


The alpine destination is a choice for hikers during the summer months

The alpine destination is a choice for hikers during the summer months.

After sports to the spa

In addition to its leisure facilities, Bad Gastein is also known as a spa town. The area has a long tradition of health spas: a variety of treatments are available, as well as pools, some of which are located outdoors with stunning mountain views.

Don’t forget the castles

One of the most famous sights in the area is the historic buildings in the Gastein Valley, the oldest of which is considered to be Klammstein Castle.

Experience an unforgettable suspension bridge

The Stubnerkogel suspension bridge is the highest in all of Europe, and takes the visitor 2,300 meters above sea level.



Most tourists head to Bad Gastein in the winter, but the city is also worth experiencing during the summer months.

Experience these experiences

  1. Downhill in the mountains
  2. Relax in the spa
  3. Visit the classic hotel Salzburger Hof
  4. Treat yourself to Austrian food