Agency, Missouri

Agency, Missouri

According to ezinesports, Agency, Missouri is a small town located in Holt County, about 25 miles northeast of St. Joseph. The town was founded in 1837 and was originally called “Crawford’s Landing” after the first settler, Captain William Crawford. It was later renamed Agency because of its location on the Missouri River as a steamboat stop for freight and passenger traffic.

The town covers 2.7 square miles and is home to approximately 300 people, including many descendants of the original settlers. Residents enjoy a rural lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting in nearby forests and lakes or enjoying the rolling hills of the countryside.

The main industry in Agency is agriculture, with farming being the primary source of income for many families. Corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and livestock are all produced here, as well as some specialty crops like apples and peaches. The area also has some small businesses that provide services to locals such as auto repair shops and convenience stores.

Education is important to Agency citizens; there are two elementary schools that serve students from preschool through sixth grade, along with a high school for grades seven through twelve. There are also several churches located in the area offering religious services to residents throughout the week.

Agency is home to several parks where locals can enjoy recreational activities such as camping or picnicking under shade trees or playing on playgrounds or ball fields. The town also has a public library which offers books and other media for residents to borrow free of charge; it also hosts various events throughout the year such as story time for children or book clubs for adults.

For those seeking entertainment outside of town limits there are several nearby attractions including historic sites like Pony Express Stables Museum or Jesse James Farm & Museum; outdoor activities like fishing at Big Lake State Park; and shopping opportunities at nearby malls or antique stores in St Joseph.. Shopping isn’t limited to stores either – every October there’s an annual flea market held near Agency that brings vendors from all over Missouri selling everything from antiques to homemade crafts..

Overall, Agency offers a quiet lifestyle surrounded by nature but with plenty of amenities close by when needed – making it an ideal place for anyone looking for an escape from city life without sacrificing convenience altogether.

History of Agency, Missouri

Agency, Missouri is a small village located in Holt County in the northwest corner of the state. It was founded in 1837 by settlers who were originally from Ohio and Indiana. The village was named after a local Native American tribe, the Otoe-Missouria, who had inhabited the area for centuries prior to settlement.

The first settlers to Agency were mostly farmers, and they quickly established a trading post and small general store. This store served as an important source of supplies for travelers along the Oregon Trail and other trade routes that passed through Agency at that time. As more settlers arrived in Agency, they began to clear land for farms and orchards. By 1841, there were several brick homes built in the village and many people had begun raising livestock such as cattle and horses.

During this period of growth, Agency became an important center for religious activity. Several churches were built in town including a Catholic church, Methodist church, Baptist church, and Presbyterian church. These churches provided much needed spiritual guidance to the community during difficult times such as droughts or floods that often occurred in Agency due to its close proximity to the Missouri River.

By 1860, Agency had grown into a bustling little village with a population of over 500 people. There was also a schoolhouse where children could attend classes during weekdays while adults gathered at Gordon’s Store on weekends to socialize and trade goods with each other.

When the Civil War began in 1861, Agency was divided almost evenly between pro-Union and pro-Confederate residents which eventually led to some skirmishes between Union soldiers passing through town and Confederate sympathizers living nearby. Despite these tensions however, most residents of Agency managed to stay out of direct involvement with either side throughout most of the war until 1864 when Union forces occupied Agency for several months before moving on towards St Joseph further south near Kansas City.

After the war ended in 1865, life slowly returned back to normal in Agency but it never quite reached its pre-war population again due largely to advances in technology that made it easier for families from rural areas like Holt County to move closer into larger cities like St Joseph or Kansas City where there were more job opportunities available at that time.

Today’s population of Agency is only about 200 people which is much smaller than it used to be but despite this decrease it still remains an important part of Holt County’s history thanks largely due its unique location near both riverbanks of the Missouri River as well as its long standing ties with Native American tribes like Otoe-Missouria that have continued their presence here throughout much of modern times.

Agency, Missouri