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Yearbook 2000

2000 ZambiaZambia. According to COUNTRYAAH, environment Minister Ben Mwila in January accused President Frederick Chiluba of being authoritarian and undemocratic, and the ruling Multi-Party Democracy Movement (MMD) for overthrowing the country in economic ruin. Mwila hinted that he wanted to run in the 2001 presidential election, when Chiluba had to resign according to the constitution. In July, Mwila was excluded from MMD. He automatically lost his government post and parliamentary seat and formed his own party, the Republican Party, with clear ambitions to challenge the MMD. He was also subjected to harassment. a house search, which was interpreted as an attempt to scare him into not running for election. Among the opposition there were suspicions that Chiluba would try to change the constitution in order to remain.

Former President Kenneth Kaunda regained his Zambian citizenship in October, which he was deprived of in 1999 on the grounds that his parents came from what is today Malawi. His contested domicile in Zambia was used by the MMD to prevent him from participating in the 1996 election. Kaunda, who has left active politics, was succeeded in May as leader of his party UNIP by former central bank governor Francis Nkhoma.

2000 Zambia
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