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Yearbook 2000

Tuvalu. In February Tuvalu became the 189th UN Member State. China abstained because the country has diplomatic relations with Taiwan. According to COUNTRYAAH, Tuvalu expressed the hope of being able to draw more attention to the consequences of climate change for the country. Fears that rising sea levels could lead to the entire island being submerged within 50 years led the government to act to buy land on Fiji, should an evacuation of the population become necessary. Tuvalu also joined the Commonwealth at the beginning of the year.

2000 Tuvalu

In February, Tuvalu received the first partial payment for licenses for domain name suffix from a US company. The government has promised that the money will go towards increased welfare for the country's residents, and in 2000 two new primary schools were built.

In March, 18 schoolgirls died in a fire in a dormitory at a school on Vaitupuatollen. Also, a housewife at the school died when she tried to intervene to save the girls from the flames.

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