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Papua New Guinea

Yearbook 2000

Papua New Guinea. According to COUNTRYAAH, the provincial government in East New Britain announced at the beginning of the year that it plans to relocate some 25,000 residents from some islands that are about to become uninhabitable due to rising sea levels.

2000 Papua New Guinea

In March, an agreement was signed between the Papua New Guinea government and the Bougainville People's Congress on autonomous governance on the island. Under the agreement, a people-elected autonomy government will gradually take over responsibility for a number of social areas within the framework of Papua New Guinea's constitution and legislation. A referendum on independence will be held after the establishment of the autonomy government.

Local residents in western Papua New Guinea opened a lawsuit in April against the Australian mining company BHP claiming compensation for extensive environmental degradation from the large copper and gold mine in Ok Tedi. In May it was announced that BHP had decided to close the mine.

Tribal battles have become a serious social and economic burden for Papua New Guinea, and in April Parliament tightened legislation on tribal battles with accompanying compensation.

In November, the government decided to leave Parliament home between December 2000 and July 2001. This enabled the government to get past the time limit laid down in the Constitution, when a vote of no confidence can be placed.

At the end of November, the area east of Papua New Guinea was shaken by several earthquakes, which were followed by heavy tides. Thousands of people became homeless as homes were washed away from coastal villages on several islands. Some people were reported to have been killed.

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