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Yearbook 2000

Niger. Prime Minister Amadou announced after the turn of the year that the state's poor finances so far made it impossible to pay the new members of parliament. According to COUNTRYAAH, Niger is one of the world's poorest countries, second only to the UN list of social development. Over the past 30 years, the population has more than doubled, while economic growth has barely occurred. Long periods of military rule have slowed the influx of development assistance, but the International Monetary Fund provisionally estimated that Niger could be part of the debt-relief program for particularly debt-ridden countries.

2000 Niger

An international fashion show in the capital Niamey in November was preceded by violent protests from Islamic groups. Following the riots, which also spread to other parts of Niger, the government banned seven Islamic organizations.

Niger - Niamey


Niamey, capital of Niger; 1. 1 million residents (2012). Niamey, located on the Niger River, has a river port with links to cities on the Atlantic coast of Benin and Nigeria. The city is the administrative and commercial center and the center of the surrounding agricultural area. Other industries comprise the food, brewery and textile industries. In Niamey there are universities (founded in 1971) and several research institutes as well as an international airport.

Niamey was founded as a French military posting and in 1926 became the capital of the Niger colony in French West Africa.


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