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Yearbook 2000

Nicaragua. According to COUNTRYAAH, the ratification of a border agreement between Honduras and Colombia at the beginning of the year led to a diplomatic crisis between Nicaragua and Honduras, as it strengthened Colombia's territorial demands on an area in the Caribbean that is rich in oil and natural gas and also claimed by Nicaragua. In February, an incident occurred in the Gulf of Fonseca between naval vessels from Nicaragua and Honduras. In June, a border agreement was signed with Costa Rica on shipping on the San Juan River.

2000 Nicaragua

After 21 years, Nicaragua and the United States have re-established military relations. General Manuel Salvatierra, a veteran of the war against the US-backed contras in the 1980s, has been accredited as a military attaché at Nicaragua's Embassy in Washington. The appointment is of great symbolic significance; the last traces of the Cold War have thus definitely been eliminated in the countries' relations.

In the November mayoral election, the ruling party won the PLC (Partido Liberal Constitucionalista) in most cities, but the Sandinists won the prestigious post in the capital Managua.

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