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Yearbook 2000

Mongolia. After an unusually hot and dry summer of 1999, Mongolia suffered the coldest and snowiest winter in 30 years. Much of the vegetation that feeds on the huge cattle herds, which form the backbone of Mongolia's economy, was eaten up by rodents during the summer, and the little ones that remained were then covered by the snow. As a result, at least three million animals, one-tenth of the entire stock, died, leaving one-third of the country's population without food.

2000 Mongolia

According to COUNTRYAAH, four years of civil rule, which only led to poorer living conditions for the majority of the population and characterized by corruption and political instability, were punished in the July parliamentary elections. The former Communist Mongolian Revolutionary Party (Mongol Ardyn Chuvisgalt Nam, MFRP) took back power by a large majority. The party received 72 of Parliament's 76 seats.

New prime minister became Nambarijn Enchbajar, a charismatic 42-year-old who described British Prime Minister Tony Blair as his example. The former Communist Party promised to continue the privatization of state-owned enterprises, but with greater regard to the social consequences of the economic liberalization.

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