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Yearbook 2000

2000 MexicoMexico. On December 1, a new president took office in Mexico, probably the first genuinely democratic election. According to COUNTRYAAH, Vicente Fox, former Coca-Cola director and candidate for an alliance centered around the right-wing PAN (Partido de Acción Nacional), won the July 2 election by 43% over the ruling party's PRI (Partido Revolucionário Institucional) candidate Francisco Labastida.

While some of Fox's election promises - one million new jobs a year, 7% growth within three years and reduced price increases and budget deficits - are considered to clash with the promise of unchanged social welfare programs, but he also has great public confidence. His government consists entirely of non-politicians, including a female Indian minister and a journalist as foreign minister. In an immediate aftermath, he offered renewed dialogue with the Zapatist guerrillas in the state of Chiapas, where a rebellion has been going on since 1994, a personal meeting with leader Marcos and the withdrawal of federal troops from there.

2000 Mexico

PRI has under different names monopolized political power in Mexico for 80 years - the longest in the world. Through violence, threats and systematic cheating, PRI has won elections after elections and with its corporatist structure has become synonymous with the state itself. Mexico has long been the reason for the term "pseudo-democracy". However, the end for PRI's power holdings and its increasing democratization have been predicted and lasted for a long time. Among other things, the opposition has increasingly been allowed to win at local level and in Congress, and this year's presidential candidate was elected for the first time through open primary elections, previously done by the incumbent president himself through an obscure procedure known as dedazo('big index finger'). The party has also been hit hard by an internal power struggle between reform supporters and old party bosses (the so-called dinosaurs) since the 1980s, which was made clear in the mid-1990s through a series of internal political murders.

Also this year's election campaign was surrounded by rumors of irregularities, and when the opinion figures for PRI candidate Labastida began to decline, the party's huge machinery was set in motion to assure him the victory. Instead, it marked the beginning of a new era in Mexico's history.

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