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Marshall Islands

Yearbook 2000

Marshall Islands. Parliament, nijitela, whose 33 members were elected in the general elections in 1999, elected the Kessai Note as new president on January 10. Notes The Democratic Party was the largest party in parliament with 18 seats.

2000 Marshall Islands

According to COUNTRYAAH, the issue of compensation to the victims of the US nuclear test during the 1940s and 1950s continued to dominate politics. In May, the tribunal dealing with the damages awarded the Eniwetok Atoll population $ 578 million in compensation for the suffering they suffered as a result of the nuclear explosions there. It was assumed that the United States would stand for the money.

In October, research was presented that indicated that the population of the island of Rongelap, about 160 km from Bikiniatollen, in 1954 was exposed to 20 times higher doses of radioactive radiation than the researchers of the time thought. Declining radioactivity has caused many people to suffer acute radiation damage, but since the early 1960s there has also been a sharp increase in thyroid cancer among the island population.

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