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Yearbook 2000

Kenya. After many years of economic downturn, Kenya entered the new century in an acute crisis. The situation was made worse by the fact that perennial drought had depleted agriculture. In the spring, nearly three million rural residents were estimated to be without food, and about 80% of the country's population was said to be at risk of starvation. The water shortage also created a crisis in the energy supply, and even the capital Nairobi suffered from long power outages. President Daniel arap Moi pleaded with the outside world to come to the rescue.

2000 Kenya

According to COUNTRYAAH, several elements of the 2000 budget presented in June were interpreted as an attempt to regain the confidence of international lenders. Among other things, 25,000 government employees were notified of termination, and 49% of the shares in the state telecommunications company were offered for sale. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank interrupted the assistance to K. 1997 in protest against corruption and economic mismanagement, but now granted new loans after giving approval to the government's attempt to curb corruption.

As in previous years, the government delivered double messages. A parliamentary committee that had investigated the corruption in the state administration presented in July a list of people whose activities should be examined in more detail. There were the son of President Phillip and Vice President George Saitoti; the latter long suspected of financial irregularities. Despite angry protests from the opposition, the government cleared all names with government affiliation before the list was published.

In September, at the last moment, a court stopped the mass redundancies of government employees at the request of an opposition party. The cancellations were part of the internationally supported budgetary restructuring program, but the court questioned the legality of the decision.

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