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Yearbook 2000

Ethiopia. The two-year war against neighboring Eritrea was settled by a rapid Ethiopian offensive in May (see Eritrea).

2000 Ethiopia

The starvation disaster that occurred in 1999 hit during the year and was exacerbated by the war. The government rejected the aid organizations' plea for ceasefire to increase opportunities to help those in need, and UN personnel accused Ethiopia of drawing resources from the rescue work to the war. In the spring, dozens of children were estimated to die from starvation every day in the country's southern and eastern parts. However, since the famine was devoted to great international attention, aid began to flow in, and during the autumn, the worst crisis was considered to be averted, despite the drought continuing. From the UN, disaster relief worth about SEK 800 million had then reached Ethiopia.

In the May and September parliamentary elections, the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) won, which received as many as 493 of the 546 seats of the House of Representatives.

According to COUNTRYAAH, Tamirat Layne, prime minister and defense minister a few years in the early 1990s, was sentenced in May to prison for 18 years for corruption and abuse of power.

The remains of Emperor Haile Sellassie were buried in November in Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa. They had been kept in a smaller church since they were found under a toilet in the Emperor's Palace in 1992. Haile Sellassie was deposed at the military coup in 1974 and died in captivity the following year under unclear circumstances, probably murdered. The reburial was arranged by a private foundation after the government refused to grant a state burial because of the oppression that prevailed under the emperor's 45-year-old rule.

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