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Yearbook 2000

Chad. The low-intensity civil war between the government army and a number of guerrilla forces continued during the year. In February, there were reports that three rebel groups, all fighting President Idriss Déby's regime, had decided to form an alliance. In June, the government signed a peace agreement with the guerrilla movement RAFAD.

2000 Chad

At the beginning of the year, the International Monetary Fund approved a three-year loan to Chad of just over $ 26 million for the fight against poverty in the country. In June, the World Bank decided to finance $ 193 million for a controversial oil production in southern Chad. A planned pipeline of over 100 km from the oil wells through Cameroon to the Atlantic coast has been criticized by environmental groups. The project, which is estimated to cost $ 3.5 billion, was officially inaugurated in October.

According to COUNTRYAAH, Chad's former president Hissène Habré was prosecuted during a year in a Senegal court, where Habré lived in exile. Habré was charged with torture and murder during his presidency. In July, however, the charge was dropped, after Senegal's new President Abdoulayé Wade was reported to have dismissed the former judge in the case. Protests came from human rights organizations, which had initiated the prosecution.

In November, Chadian authorities reported that around 50 people had been killed and many more injured in fighting between two ethnic groups in central Chad. Both groups live from livestock breeding and were in conflict over water sources. At the end of the year, the government appealed for international assistance to Chad, as a fifth of the country's population was estimated to be in need of food aid following unusually poor rainfall.

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