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Yearbook 2000

Aland. Viking Line, headquartered in ┼., Decided in the autumn to prepare flagging from Finnish to Swedish ship register of two of its car and passenger ferries. This would give the shipping company considerable savings in personnel costs, but ┼'s landscape board warned of a domino effect that could be devastating for ┼land shipping.

Shortly after the decision, however, Viking Line reached a bargaining agreement with the seamen's union and the ┼landic and Finnish shipowners' associations, which gave the same competitiveness under the Finnish flag as under Swedish. The company therefore decided to cancel the flagging process.

In September, an inquiry was published on the conditions for ┼land's independence. According to the report, which was commissioned by the Society of the Future of ┼land, ┼. Would be able to achieve independence financially but would lose some of the legal benefits provided by the current autonomy. The report led to a fierce and extensive debate in ┼land's media.

After several years of financial surplus, the Landscape Board in the autumn presented a budget with a large deficit, which would be financed with loans. In the budget, families with children received increased support. through increased child support.

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