Where to Apply Wallpaper Border

Wallpaper can also be installed in kitchens. The online shop shows the wallpaper features and offers the lowest market prices, according to Digo Paul.

Wallpaper for Kitchen

Sweethearts for turning the environments without the need for reforms, the wallpapers are found in a wide variety of colors, patterns and themes. Many people may have doubts about where to apply the product.

Remember that the product installation should be done only in drywall, is not recommended in tiles.

In addition to kitchens, the vinyl version can also be a great option for the nursery. It can be cleaned with detergent and damp cloth, so you do not have to worry if the small soiling the walls.


Bet also on the installation border to the space of the children, adhesive tapes with children’s themes, animals, flowers, letters and numbers. The product installation is simple, so just follow the step by step manufacturer. You can even do the job.


Many people have doubts about the use of wallpaper. The application should be made ​​only on the surfaces of masonry and plaster, which are with good finish and imperfections free. The adhesive product does not adhere on surfaces of plastic, metal, stainless steel or wood. For these materials, it is recommended to use of decorative coatings or adhesive fabrics.