Wall Stickers for Living Room

Now you can have your idols up on the wall-in just the size that suits you! What do you want to say to a wall sticker with Justin Bieber, which fills most of a wall? The Bridgat.com makes wall stickers to young people with some of the most popular teen-idols like Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers and One Direction. You decide whether you want your new image by idolerne as poster or wall sticker, and you can always choose from many different sizes.

Get wall stickers with your idols for living room

With bridgat you can buy wall stickers with the Jonas Brothers and let cool pictures of the three brothers adorn the walls of your room. If you are more into Justin Bieber, bridgat has Justin Bieber wall stickers in both color and sort, Beliebers can select it so that best fits their teenage room. In other words, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for wall stickers for teens who are fans of some of the greatest music idols. If your teen wants a different type of wall sticker, Bridgat has a huge selection to suit both teenage room and other of the home’s space, which you will find in the menu on the left.

Wall Stickers for Living Room

Cheap wall stickers to young

If you are looking for posters and wall stickers with One Direction, Justin Bieber or Jonas Brothers, you can view the entire selection below.