Wall Stickers for Children’s Bedrooms

Stickers or stickers like a world for children. Why not have fun together by gluing of wall decorations in their nursery? Here’s where to buy them.

Sometimes it takes little to make cheerful and colorful bedroom of your children. Fairly inexpensive, easy to use and great fun are the stickers, to attack the walls. The subjects are thousands, from stylized animal, cartoon, players up to butterflies and fairies.

Impeccably made are those of Dezign, (see wallpaper decorating tips) which offers a wide choice. The site is very rich in content, which includes stickers with subjects dedicated to Christmas, nature, travel, which might also be mom and dad. You can choose the color of the sticker that best fits with the colors of the walls and the measure. The only drawback is the price. The company is American, to order from countries that are not the United States or France, for Europe, you pay a “tax” of $ 34 in addition to the price of the adhesive. The site describes minutely all the conditions, including the withdrawal, but everything in English.

In Italian is Leosticker (our site), a site that offers very clear adhesives according to category: nature, adventure, fantasy, cuddle and play. Animals subject to these stickers are humanized and colorful, there is the possibility to recreate real natural environments with a broad range of animals that were created, ranging from cute dolphins at sweet lady bugs. The shipment for Italy costing 9.90 € and also the prices of the stickers themselves are content. They also have a “physical” Padua dealer.