Vinyl Pong: Decorate House More Geek

Almost all technology enthusiasts, we have had a childhood marked by the development of the video game industry, from rudimentary first consoles to the most modern of today, that we try to not give up when life allows us.

Perhaps that is the reason why we get nostalgic when we find a tribute to early video games, like this Vinyl Pong, ideal to decorate our house more geek. Even includes the logo of Atari, the company that sold it, and which built the first Console I had in my hands.

Although there are some predecessors of Pong, as OXO or Spacewar!, this has been always considered the most important, because it was the first to be marketed to mass level -recreational, then in the legendary Atari 2600’s first – and also the other two ran on large machines of which there was only one unit.

In any case, anyone who sees this gorgeous vinyl on our wall, will recognize us a gourmet of the game, something that also will also deduct by the number of consoles along with the huge TV, but It is never more to clarify our tastes with style. Here in WholesaleAbly you will find many different models and styles of vinyl Pong.