The Stickers Give The Jump to The Reality in The New Ad Advertising Apple

Once you’ve imagined you would be how the stickers in the real world? Apple wanted to do it and why, in its last announcement of the iPhone 7 shows us a world full of colour thanks to the arrival of the stickers in real spaces. As we can see in the video of the announcement, a group of iPhone users run away by a busy street, sticking stickers on the bodies of people who travel the path to create a sort of battle.

But in the time that takes the ad we do not see the presence of an iPhone but until the end, this clip makes part of the series “Practically Magic”, that the Cupertino company touted the iPhone 7. It is worth mentioning that although this video only refers to the more recent version of Apple’s phone, the iMessage stickers work on all devices that have installed iOS 10.

In addition to promoting the use of the stickers, Apple introduced a new collection of wall stickers that can be downloaded from the link If you’re curious about the name of the song that accompanies the announcement, Apple YouTube channel ensures that “it is of ‘ Boys are Boys and Girls are Choice” of the ‘Monks’ group.