Ten Ideas More So Your Children Can Learn in Holiday

They follow the school holidays, it is a wonderful time for children that can grow, play, imagine, running adventures and also learn many new things accompanied by his family. We will continue to offer proposals to our readers for Barillas make summer a wonderful stage with these ten ideas more so your children can learn in holiday.

Spend a day in prehistory

Fascinates children the life of the men of the caves, to the end and ultimately take him inside. I propose plan a day in the prehistory with them. First, dress you like prehistoric men, with skins (artificial there) and with tiznada and tousled face (that the truth is that I do not believe that it was necessary to not wash but they do love tiznar is and ravelling hair). Then choose a forest or countryside close to House.

Once there prepare for the experience. You can build a shelter with branches or hide you in a cave or steep slope of rocks. You can also play to rough-hew (but without doing so is very dangerous), trying to carve stone, make a bow or a spear and explore the forest looking for traces of possible food or animals.

And of course, tell you in an invented language and dancing in a circle. You are going to love secure. Remember to capture the best moments in photography and then you will be able to make an album. You can even do a bit of archaeology. Not going just to go great but that they can learn a lot about life in the past.

Go to the library

Surely going sometime during the course to the library, but we always in a hurry and there are many people. In summer the libraries they tend to be empty and chilly. Pass there long hours looking at books of all kinds, getting us used to that silence that invites reflection and learning will be wonderful and you can look at all the books wishing with you at your side.


During the course the children often have to go to bed very early but on vacation is no longer necessary to get up early, so we can also plan expeditions at night to areas where there is too much light pollution and devote ourselves to looking at the sky in all its immensity. We can do it with the naked eye or using a portable telescope, that there are good and not too expensive.

See the stars and planets, distinguid the constellations and tell their stories, talk about space exploration and astronomical discoveries going to teach a lot and make them feel part of this huge universe in which we live. And if there is a rain of stars, better.

Learn how to make bread

Last week I proposed that your children become chefs at your side but today I speak specifically of the bread making, a playful, scientific and culinary activity that will fascinate them. Prepare the ingredients, knead (is fun), see how the dough rise and then enter it in the oven to cook a delicious homemade bread that we can also decorate with dried fruits will have a time charming and very rewarding intellectually.

Redecorate the room

I do not mean to change the furniture or call the painters, but give a new look to our son’s room or to the games room with posters of their favorite characters, with pictures of the child doing what he likes, with those huge precious, with lamps or movable wall stickers, happy or simply buying new bedding or placing furniture in other provisions. You will love choose decoration and participate in their placement.

Together make a huge Lego

There are Lego for kids adapted to their capacity but if the child already has some skill with the hands and has passed the age of getting things into your mouth we can venture into the construction of a huge Lego of some of his favorite themes, Although us who are guiding them in the interpretation of the instructions and implementation. They will learn many math. You dare with the star of the death of the star wars or La Puerta Negra from the Lord of the rings?

Painting old furniture

An old chair, a rocking chair or a little tarnished Dresser can be turned into something very exciting for kids if we let them help us to Paint those wayside furniture, We should take care to choose paints that are not toxic and work with protection on the face and hands. Does not need to be elegant, but surely if we let them choose colors, combinations, new accessories and a sticker will be beautiful and full of joy.

Visit a castle

Close to safe house that there are any Castle you can visit. Spain is full, from ancient fortresses semiderruĂ­das (but for the visit enabled) to wonderful perfectly preserved palaces. Plan a visit to the middle ages is going to be a cultural experience that will learn much about the history and customs of the past. We can read about this time and the monument in question, play a lot on it and imagine how it would be the lives of those people. And, of course, dress up and invent stories of Knights, dragons, tournaments and magical searches.

Dress up pirate

Friday the pastafaris they dress up as pirates and kids love to do so on any occasion. Prepare gaffs, shirts, boots, Parrot hats, swords and patches and propose spending an exciting day imagining the arrival on a deserted island, the trip through the South seas and in addition, the search for a treasure with a set of tracks. Surely you want to repeat and all her friends will join you.

Build a cabin or a tepee

Last activity that I propose can be very simple or require much planning, it is of build a cabana with fallen trees and branches, tied with ropes and tapandola with a blanket. It is important to bring shovel to ensure the wood and make sure your cabin, so not to fall upon you, but almost better to use branches weighing not much to prevent any disturbances. You are going to spend a freezing day in search of materials and construction with children.

I encourage you, with these ideas, to accompany your children on a holiday full of fun and unforgettable adventures in family and intense work in many areas of knowledge. Be a perfect summer learning.