Sugar Skull Nail Art Stickers

Be frightening but with a twist to pop? Yup! To maneuver in the dark of Halloween night with bright colors, dedicated to your manicure and realizes with our instructions a really cool nail art: pop skulls. Take a few splashes of glaze …

Scary, yes, but with a pop twist. To achieve the goal to Halloween, dedicated to a very special nail art: the cartoon skulls. Follow the instructions and realizzali with a few brush strokes and many colors.

    1. Prepare the manicure
      Lima nails, push back cuticles and apply two black layers on all fingers.
    2. He begins to draw the cartoon skull
      To make the base uses white enamel, so the other colors will be even brighter. Use the thinnest tip of the dotter and creates the flower petals, or the parts of the two orbits of the skull.

  1. Hatch’s nose
    To do that draws three points that intersect and spacers from the mouth area. Use, in this case also, the thinner the tip of a dotter immersed in a gloss white enamel.
  2. Cover some points with the pink nail polish
    Choose one bubblegum pink enamel and begins to cover the white spots.These are like the petals of a flower that form the skull cartoon eyes. Let the smile of a skull and nose, however, remain white. See wholesaleably for cheap nail stickers.
  3. Add the purple nail polish
    Soak the thin tip of the dotter in bright purple nail polish (always use the instrument clean so that you do not mix the colors).
  4. Add a touch of blue
    Choose to apply it in random spots.
  5. Do not forget the pale green
    Again, not to be too precise in the placement.
  6. Apply a red nail polish
    This is the last nuance that must be applied on cartoon skulls because they are perfect. Create stains randomly and save the smile that must remain white.
  7. Vira on the pop
    Choose a fluorescent color (yellow) to be applied at the center of the “flower”.
  8. Creates blacks dots within white ones
    Must return the idea of a smile.