Stickers to Keep Everything Organized from Etic-Etac

I am of those people who has a decorative box storing things in every corner, with the idea of keep everything perfectly organized. The problem comes when I go to look for something that makes long as I do not use and I do not remember in which box you have put it, so I loved this idea, which is not only practical, but it also very decorative.

It’s small Blackboard stickers brand ETIC-etac, that I also remember sells vinyl slate to be placed on the wall. Have three different models, one with flowers, another with clouds and the other with comic snacks, that can buy in lots of 4 for 9 euros each batch online.

Some say that we can do the same with some paper and tape, you have reason but there are boxes, especially the graffiti that we cannot remove and continually put the paper or put adhesive tape, with these stickers we can write and delete at any time and although they are rather expensive they will give you an even more original aspect to our boxes.

An idea: You can place them in other places, e.g. doors or on the fridge to make little notes for your family with a casual air.