See Details Of The Ceremony Of George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin In Italy

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin made a millionaire wedding party for 100 guests in Venice, Italy.

According to the Page Six column of the New York Post, the ceremony cost $ $13 million (approximately $32 million R). The value includes the rent of boats to transport guests in the canals of Venice, rooms at the luxurious Hotel Cipriani, the party at the Aman Hotel, the bride’s dress and other expenses.

According to another survey conducted by the E! Online, costs, more modest, reached $ $4.6 million (approximately R $11, 2 million). See the Bill:

-95 hotel rooms with three daily between $ $8000 and $ $9000 each, totaling about $ $3 million (approximately $7.3 million R)

-Rent a party Hall in the Aman Hotel: $ $300,000 (R $735,000)

-Five Star Dining from chef Riccardo Pra for 100 people: $ $30000 (R $73000)

-George Clooney suit made by Giorgio Armani: US $5000 (R $12000)

-Mark Alexander McQueen dress made by Sarah Burton: US $380,000 (R $930,000)

-Bareboat: US $32000 (R $78000)

-250 bottles of Champagne: $ $50000 (R $122,000)

-Bachelor Party for him and her: $ $3,750 (R $9100)

-Sunday post wedding party: $ $15000 (R $36000)


After a lot of mystery, the magazines People and Hello! released on Tuesday, 30, the wedding dress worn by Amal Alamuddin. According to the website TMZ, the amount paid for publications will be destined to various human rights institutions around the world.

While the actor wore a Giorgio Armani suit as part of a collection Made to Measure, Amal wore a custom piece of Oscar de la Renta with French lace, pearls and rhinestones.

Giorgio is the classic of the classics. He has been a good friend for many years and the night wouldn’t be complete without him, “said George to People magazine. The groom also wore cufflinks personalised with the name “George” written in Arabic, Amal.

The stylist, for your time, returned the compliment by Mr Hollywood and talked about the four Italian suits designed for the celebrations. “For more than two decades, George has been a dear friend and honorary Italian. Admire you for your strong personality and striking character and, of course, by your talent as an actor, Director and producer. It is a privilege and a pleasure for me to wear it for this occasion, in which he stars in the leading role: that of the groom. I created a style [suit] all Italian, tailored and refined without being over the top. Now it will be an honor to wear it to your great new role, husband, “said Armani.

Amal also spoke of your choice, fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. “He’s a stylist so elegant and a man,” said the lawyer. The bride also wore pearl earrings the sea of Bahrain given as a present by her parents, Barye and Ramzi Alamuddin.

He is a man that every woman wanted to embrace, “explained Amal for Vogue about the choice of the designer. “George and I wanted a romantic and elegant wedding and I couldn’t imagine anyone more capable than the Oscar to capture the mood of the dress,” he added.

Is the most important dress in a woman’s life. Any girl in any part of the world you dream of that special dress. I tried to make this dream come true for her. Amal and I looked at several evening gowns and wedding dresses together, and discuss to see what she liked.This gave me the idea of what she was looking for, “said the stylist for Vogue.

The 30-minute ceremony, held last Saturday, 27, in Venice, Italy, brought together some 100 guests from thirty countries and had a “long Kiss” of the couple after the “Yes”.

We met in Italy. We have a House there [in Lake Como]. We knew it was there where we were going to get married. I feel incredibly well, “explained George about the Union was effected in Italy and how he felt after the link. “My verdict on being Mr. and Mrs. Clooney? It’s unbelievably good, “said the actor to Hello!.

George and Amal were radiating love all night. The wedding was incredibly special, legendary! These three days–friends, family, the atmosphere, everything–will be with me the rest of my life, “said Baria, mother of the bride, to People magazine.

During the ceremony, Baria said about the personality of his son-in-law during your speech.”I said, ‘ George, we love you, real, deep and honestly. We love your charm, your wit, your intelligent conversation and your generosity. You’re just perfect ‘, “he said.

Nick Clooney, father of the groom, also spoke during the ceremony. “George and Amal present us with the belief that in this place and at this time, the love is alive and well,” he said.

Nora Sagal, friends of the couple’s daughter, sang the music Alwayscomposed by Irving Berlin, that Clooney’s parents–Nick and Nina–danced in your marriage in the past. Another song, Why shouldnt?, Cole Porter, was also played in the first Ballad of the night.