Safari Theme Room

Every child likes to have their little corner to play with and imagine their adventures. In today’s post we will talk about safari-themed room. After all, nothing more adventurous than observing bugs in wild lands. Let’s put style into practice by putting together ideas to decorate the room? Imagine all the bugs gathered! This theme gains more and more space and has already entered the list of decorations most desired by the little ones. Come and get inspired with our tips and ideas!

Decor Ideas

The classic beige combined with neutral shades leaves the room soft for babies. Every detail that is not in the predominant card will stimulate the small one. Items that refer to the theme: plush jungle animals, cipó, paws and butterflies.

Small Details

The hygiene kit should also enter the safari climate. A great way to use the bicharada’s decor outside the room, with travel bags, changing mats, handbags, tumblers, bibs and other little accessories.

The Bicharada Is Loose In The Crib Kit!

To complete the small room, how about investing in a crib kit with the suggested theme? Idea to transform the room into a true adventure!

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