Playful Work

  1. The tree tothe table is made of laser cut MDF, painted with matte green paint.She is detachable, and can serve as both a Christmas tree how to hang ornaments, trinkets or notes.
  2. The table mountedis cheaper than a model ready.The feet were acquired first, and then the wooden board, to serve as a lid. For finishing, adhesive tapes in pink were placed at the edges.
    3. Instead of traditional adhesives, you can create original designs with felt, and glue them on the walls. It makes the site more personalized, and still brings texture to the environment, because the material is fuzzy. Blends well in children’s spaces.
    4. If you have facility to produce manuals and do customization, enjoy the talent and make exclusive pieces, and renew items at home. Besides leaving the owner’s face, still is economical, since homemade objects come out cheaper than a store-bought.
    5. adhesive tapes are with all decoration! Practices, can serve to adorn furniture and even make a frame for photos. In the project, have been used in some places, as in the surroundings of one of the doors, to say grace. The so-called washi tapes (Japanese tape made of rice) are good choices because they are thinner and can be found in various colors and prints.
    6. To make the materials at hand, an aluminum bar was placed above the table. Thus, it becomes easier to make packages with gift papers and ribbons.This can be done in other spaces and with other materials, according to the need.
    7. Look lighting fixtures, but are, in fact, cakes, decorating the wall above the Cabinet. Could have made holes in the play to put lamps, but the owners of the site not found necessary because hung the objects only to give the idea of lighting fixtures.
    8. Old furniture can be reformed and have your extended service life. The bar was all white and was inherited from the old resident, and as it was very useful to keep the material, the piece has been renewed with wide ribbons with heart prints, combining with the proposal of the Studio.
    9. The rocking chair is made of MDF with matte painting in white color, and also had the laser cut design. The patch was created digitally by the female members of the Studio. Another unique item, playful and that goes well in any space for children.
    10. stackable Baskets of plastic form a shelf easier and accessible. She leaves the objects on display in a practical and fun since escapes the traditional wooden furniture.
  3. The luminaire suspendedis on division between the Office and a space where small furniture are stored.In addition to decorating fun, ecological, because it is made with small pieces of PET bottles dyed various colors.
    12. The closet with shelves and wheels imitate the format of Dutch buildings, with leaked areas that resemble Windows. He has a dual function, since it organizes and also serves as a lamp. It is interesting to have a multifunctional mobile and fun-shaped children’s spaces.
    13. aramadas drawers were purchased in a store, and plastics have been arranged on top of each other, forming another shelf simple and affordable. As well as other items, they were given colored ribbons, to ensure a touch more.
    14. Origamis are delicate and leave any space more charming. Here, small cranes (birds of the family of storks, common in Japan) were made by one of the partners, arranged in the form of mobile. Are easy to make and give a nice effect.
    15. In children’s environments, be sure to use strong colors and cheerful, but without exaggeration. Living colours visually stimulate small, bringing benefits for creativity, learning and development.