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After getting to know in depth the structure of the nail and the hated cuticles, today we are dedicated to a very widespread problem: the brittle nails. With this mini guide we explain how to recognize the fragile nails, what are the possible causes and how to cure them.

Nail Stickers Pregnant


The nails that break up are not only an aesthetic problem of the female world: since ancient times, the nails symbolize a ‘weapon of defense and attack, carried out by the motto “defend himself with her nails.”

Of strong nail stickers mentioned on obviously do not serve only to scratch but help us in everyday actions more mundane how to detach an adhesive or scratch and help grip objects. If your nails are brittle and begin to fall apart, not only appear aesthetically ugly but limit us in all these simple actions.Also nail unhealthy and strong can be a symptom of other health problems that should not be overlooked.

The nails, such as the eyes and hair, are expressed through an own language, that we must learn to decode to know them better. In the same way the red and sensitive eyes can express fatigue and stress hair loss, if the nails start to fall apart and weakening may in fact hide various problems in our body.

Then we discover together how to recognize brittle nails and what to do to make them come back more beautiful and stronger than ever!


Generally brittle nails are weak and too soft, no elasticity and scaly, with layers that exfoliate and prone to rupture. They occur in a different way, depending on the pathology of which are alarm:


The nails become brittle for different problems, let’s see some of the main ones:

– Dietary deficiencies (vitamin A, vitamin B, Calcium, protein, iron).
– Dysfunction of the organism, due to an overactive thyroid or hormonal dysfunctions that may affect the normal production of keratin to the absence or scarcity of amino acids basic.
-Allergies, for particulates types of foods or products for external use.
-mycosis, injury or infection, which alter the natural resistance of the nails, making them more opaque, weak and flaking.
-nail extension hurt, with shoddy products or recently experienced people.
-Using too frequent enamels and acetone or filing too aggressive.
-Excessive exposure to soap and water.
-Contact with harmful chemicals, detergents, cleaning and similar products.
-Problems or hormonal changes , such as period of pregnancy.


Each disease and lack pours hopelessly nail changing their appearance and characteristics.The nail composition helps us to understand what causes a loss of elasticity and hardness that determine its subsequent disintegration.

The nails, in fact, are of horny substance laminae, constituted for 98% by keratin, a water plasticized protein, which confers resistance and hardness. In addition to keratin, the protein and sulfur are the other major components, responsible of the outermost surface of our nails.

The causes of the problems are mainly due to the lack of keratin or vitamins, in particular symptoms of the body, but often many different reasons, due to incorrect behaviors and habits such as:
-Onicofagia: nail biting is one of the causes the obvious weakening them, because we destroy going to morsicarle plus we transfer germs from the nails to our mouth
– Using enamels and aggressive treatments, eg containing Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, camphor.


What to do to not have more brittle nails? To return to have strong and healthy nails, there aretwo general precautions that we can easily adopt:


The vitamin H, the zinc and the molybdenum are those proteins that determine the growth of the keratin: vitamin H we can find in foods such as  milk, fresh vegetables and liver, while zinc is present in wheat germ, in fish (especially in oysters), in egg yolk , in the meat and cheese.

It ‘also always necessary to eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water: are actions that improve anyway health of our entire organism. If this were not enough, a great remedy are dietary supplements with beta carotene specific nail and hair, as Inneov Densilogy. If the fragility comes from a food shortage, in the space of a few months, keeping the situation under control, the problem should be resolved.


For those who have  brittle nails, as well as look to diet, it is recommended to abide by some simple rules.
Here are the do’s and don’ts:
-avoid absolutely the direct contact with water and detergents, always using gloves;
-no eat your nails and if you were to break a fingernail not torn the broken piece with teeth, you could create further injury;
– do not cut  your nails with scissors, but use a suitable clippers: the ideal would be a proper filing, always carry with a delicate file and low-abrasion;
– do not use solvents with acetone (in the market there are numerous acetone solvent free, here’s the best solvents);
-do not use glazes with chemical components that could damage the nail;
-you resort also remedies natural nail hardening (below we give you useful tips);
-applied consistently a strengthening treatment for nails (in the next section we provide information).


Natural remedies for nails that break are completely homemade : generally need a few ingredients and not much time, but need consistency to get results.

The lemon is one of the best natural stimulators for the nails thanks to its high content of vitamins, iron and calcium, and, very often in combination with olive oil , is used to create effective wraps. Other natural allies to fight the nail fragility are the oils: l ‘ sweet almond oil , l’Castor oil , l ‘of wheat germ oil and indeed olive oil, but also the tea tree oil, which plays an important antibacterial and antifungal.

The shea butter, definitely known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties for the skin, it is appreciated from the nails to the emollient properties. Finally, even the ‘avocado, the yogurt and egg yolk are good and effective natural ingredients for poultices for brittle nails.

To create various nutritional wraps for nails with these ingredients dates look at the article dedicated to natural remedies for brittle nails.


To solve the problem of brittle nails is best to avoid subjecting them to stress for a while. So avoid applying colored glazes, acetone, and above all not to resort to nail enhancement or polishing file, which would weaken and assottiglierebbero the nails even more. The only granted enamel is hardening or reinforcing treatments: we see in detail the products of its kind offered by various cosmetic companies.

Let’s start with professional treatments, which are also more expensive but often give more immediate results and are more effective, until you get to solutions low cost.

– Faby Power is a little known product, but definitely the most effective that there is on the market.Its action is very strong because it acts on the keratin structure of the nail. And ‘perfect to cure thin nails, brittle or damaged by the reconstruction. If you try to use it I will never forsake more (price € 22,00);

– Opi Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy, a good product is also strengthening Opi, it is on sale at retailers and beauty salons Sephora (cost about € 27,00);

– Trind Nail Repair Natural, available in some beauty salons and during Cosmoprof;

– Mavala Scientifique, you can buy in many perfumeries (cost € 16.00);

– Pupa Ultra Privacy Amplifiers, includes the three-phase nutrient oil and ultra reinforcing basis (cost € 11.90);

– Avon Diamond Strengthening Complex, you can buy only through the representatives of the brand (€ 3.95 charge);

Those listed are just some of reinforcing treatment for brittle nails on the market: do you know any other specific product that works? In the comments!

Hoping that this little guide on brittle nails has been helpful, please take a look at the selection of articles dedicated to nail care.