Minions Molds for Printing and Decorating

See here the template you were looking for from the Minions, we have several models and tips for you to make the most of all ideas

If you have chosen the Minions theme to decorate your child’s birthday party, you can take advantage of the Minions templates to print and decorate that we are making available for you.And the savings you will have in making the most of the items at home will be quite significant.

With these templates you can customize the invitations and souvenirs, and it will still overwhelm the decoration of the party.

And we must not forget the note-book decorations, which are the favorites of the children.Look!

Tips for Decorating with Minions

You can, for example, print Minions eyes to decorate the most diverse pieces of your party, such as soda bottles, tables, walls of the party hall, the panel behind the cake table, the souvenirs of your party, candy or snack trays that will be served at the party and the pieces you find that can decorate with these Minions eyes.

Images of Minions

The embellishments are very easy to make, just choose the items to customize!Here are some pictures of the Minions that can inspire you:

You can also make a candy cone souvenir, with you printing the piece with the Minions image on white structured paper, cut around the piece, assemble the piece by gluing the ends with the aid of a common white glue, a ribbon double sided or stick glue, depending on your preference. Then fill your cone with the candy you want and wrap the whole cone with a transparent cellophane and close the package with a piece of tape of your choice, but with a color that matches the whole decoration of the party. birthday you are organizing and decorating.

And you can even use these templates to make your birthday party invitations, labels or embellishments that will decorate your party favors, or decorate the entire panel behind the cake table or the panel that will stand behind the others tables, as behind the table of sweets or the table of gifts.

Minions in EVA

Print, cut and transfer your Minions template now!

Minions in EVA for notebook

Make a fun decoration on the notebook cover using one of the templates below!

Minions molds in EVA to decorate

Use creativity and embellish various objects with these molds.

And you can still check step by step a Minions-decorated notebook:

Mimes of the Minions

Increasingly, the decoration of children’s anniversaries count on the sweet treats according to the theme of the party.The treats are the candy with personalized labels.Knowing the importance of these little things in the party of the little one, we selected some molds of the film “My favorite evil one” ready to print.Check out our selection: