Mining Trends

Luxurious Creativity
To give more sophistication to the environment without spending a lot, the Brazilian artist Marcio Oliveira created four beautiful fixtures and superoriginais made with PVC pipes. The artist screwed PVC and made the drawing of the leaves with very careful not to let them loose, not to lose the endurance. With a 1.5 mm steel drill or Dremel microrretífica (Bosh), he cuts the leaves, creating the final form.

Hot tub with charm
Designed to bring relaxation and leisure to the toilet of 18 m ², the architects Fabiana Visacro and Laura Santos highlighted the environment, bringing it from the likes of the couple in tune with innovation and the issue of sustainability. The highlight of the project was the use of brooms to coat the hot tub. The idea of the professionals was performed with 195 cables cut in half, lacquered with varnish nautical, color, and fixed with nails embuia and steel tapes that outline on the top and bottom of the hot tub (on order, steel tape, nails and broomsticks so you won’t be apparent), like a skirt. The bathroom receives LED lighting and reuse of materials, such as PVC pipes, which were worked out to give rise to outstanding fixtures. Allowing the movement safely between the box and the hot tub, we used anti-slip and rustic porcelain tiles, walls, waterproof paints to dry areas and royal blue finish.

In addition to the coffee table, most items of this delicate little corner is recycled or panned: furniture were redesigned, catalogs turned tables and objects purchased at popular stores $1.99.

On the internet
With the table painted and dry, Erika did stencil work. The design was found on the internet and adapted on file for printing. The template is available in the professional Web site. There was enough black matte spray paint to the top. As a second option to give the professional finish indicates pass varnish or put a glass top on top.

Cool table
Here, the interior designer Erika Karpuk gives a lesson in sustainability and, even, of charity. The delicate coffee table was bought for only $ $50 in the Casas André Luiz, a philanthropic non-profit character who attends for free, since 1949, the people with intellectual disabilities. As one of the actions, the site receives donations of furniture in good condition and resells them.Digging, you can find great treasures for a good price, as this piece of Erika. To customize it, screwed the professional to take the old varnish: “the top was also screwed, but in the process I noticed that the wood was chipped. That point was crucial, as did the restoration project would change direction a little bit, “he says. After removing the foil is damaged, the designer loved the wood that was underneath and decided to keep her with their natural characteristics.So, the whole structure of the Cabinet was painted with blue spray paint and the top received a stencil work.

Incandescent lamps were used connected to a dimmer which controls the light intensity.

Total reuse
All the decor of the room was designed in architect Cristiane Py furniture that already existed. The trimmer belonged to the grandmother of a client which, when inheriting property, asked that the furniture was broken, however, the Pro had interest in harmonize it with your furniture. For being an old piece that fit the environment, she didn’t go through changes, was made only a cleaning.Seeking integration with the other furniture and objects, it was decided that the trimmer was placed next to the dinner table, to be used as support during meals. Above the dining table, another object was salvaged: a nice chandelier!The play belonged to the residence of villagers Czechs (in the 1950), in the Pacaembu Stadium, where he currently is the Office of the architect’s family.The lamp left by former residents received a general restoration and all the electrical part was redone with Exchange of wiring and Sockets for PVC (because the originals were still made of wood). The crystals removed received special cleaning, the “clips” that the arrest were exchanged, and the crystals, redistributed. Moreover, other parts were used to complement the set.

The professionals give a hint to save on the restoration: the painting can be done in conventional painting, patina, details of tissues or adhesives.

Custom room
Architect Claudia Aragon and the interior designer Cátia Maiello abused femininity and delicacy to this show room Live more for less – BH. Developed for a fashion blogger, asks colors and mood, so were chosen shades of lilac, blue and white with mirrors and Provencal details. The delicate Dresser was panned in a shop, in need of general repairs and lacquer paint. Besides changing your color, the mirror was replaced. Customization is the key part of this project, which took the nightstand, headboard and the pouf also reused, taking care only of some repairs and painting.

Mobile cost R $800. An alternative a little more in mind that painting is a painting of patina, for example.

Decrease to enlarge
This buffet was a wedding gift from the sister of the bride. However, there was a problem: it was too big for your room. So, the solution was literally split it in half: “the four-door mobile went for two and instead of finish on the wood (Brazilian walnut) received brilliant lacquer in khaki color,” says Adriana Moravia, architect responsible for the project. To cast off and give a modern look, all the knobs were replaced.

Other objects can be reused to support of lamp. For example, the client has already ridden with a can of 5 l of beer.

When designing the bedroom of a young man of 20 years, law student and connoisseur of music, the architects sought to rustic details and characteristic of the inhabitant profile. The side table, barrel-shaped, was acquired in the Cooperage Barros and is made of wood jequitibá rosa. As the supplier already produces some of these specific models for decoration, the product had to be varnished. To make this more personalized corner, the idea was to use a lamp handcrafted with bottle by the client. The proposal was just change the existing dome for a more proportional to the size of the support and of black color, to match better with the other objects and the environment.

Alternative decor
In search of economic and sustainable designs for decorating the home, the couple of designers Patricia Melo and Vinicius Yagui, Remobília site, found at different sites various proposals of the concept, which reused upcycling objects that no longer have value, being created new functions with design and functionality. From 2011, the designers are playing with the idea of building furniture with crates, and on reform of the son’s room, they sought to use them in red and blue colors, because they are more attractive and intense for this material. The boxes didn’t need treatment or many changes, they were fixed on each other with butterflies and also wooden base with screws. The wood used is sourced from a plank of pine for reforestation, which can be found in shops of decoration and building material for shelves. The feet stick and the base were ordered in the correct measure of the crates.