Marriage To The House!

Leticia Reginato is graduated in architecture and urbanism from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul. Has over seven years experience in the field, working with projects focused on residential, commercial architecture and Interior.

Lilian Asscontville reader question came in a different form for the essay. The architect Allan Ugly, big partner of your House Garnish, received her e-mail and forwarded to us, sure would yield a nice project for our section. Lilian would like to realize the dream of having a kitchen planned and functional, since completed 20 years of marriage in October. Taking advantage of our contact, she sent pictures of other environments of home, and the architect Leticia Reginato accepted our invitation to do the project in 3D. In the living room, Lilian did a Panel in wood tone to the TV, and I would like to keep him, as well as sofa and two pouffes. However, she believes that lack proper décor to furniture, and wanted to put a curtain of embellishment in the kitchen door, in addition to a little table in the corner of the couch and something in the doorway of the room. To fulfill the desire of reader, Leticia proposed a new color for the walls, more neutral and the brown tones, creating a comfortable feel and “hot”.

Existing orange color was maintained, creating a highlight on the wall, contrasting with the rest of the environment. The Ottomans received a new lining, cotton fabric with green and blue tones, combining well with the tone of the wall.

Ideal solutions
Beside the TV Panel, Leticia suggested a large mirror, measuring 200 x 90 cm, helping to give a bit more breadth to the space. Above the sofa, two frames were placed to bring more information on an area that previously had no element. It was also created a door at that before there was only the passage, to divide the living room and the kitchen and provide more privacy. For this door, MDF structure was used with strips of 3 cm, in a woody tone near the TV cabinet.

A side table with lacquer finish yellow color was added to assist the couch and a lamp.

Extra tip
The architect Leticia complements: “to break a little the cold aspect of residence spaces, I suggest placing vinyl flooring with Woody base texture in all environments. In addition to being a practical solution, which can be applied over existing ceramics – which avoids the costs of existing coating removal-, is also an element which will bring more comfort to the House. Next to the floor, to give the finishing, can be used a footer of MDF, with a height of 15 cm, white, who, in addition to modern, practical and easy to install.

Male environment
In the 18-year-old son’s room, Lillian would like to keep the wardrobe and the table, but by making a reform on them to improve them. Thus, the wardrobe won a new look, with application of matte ink on a dark gray tone and details in yellow. Leticia thought also on a new distribution of furniture, improving the use of space. The bed and the wardrobe–that were once in a position that is not favored the movement–in this new position, leave the bed box, with the bonding wall, which references the movie Lord of the rings, which the young like.

To leave the room even more customized, it is important to take into account the preferences of the owner, especially when it comes to a teenager. So, in addition to the reference to the movie, the architect left a placeholder for the guitar and viola of the boy, who loves to play these instruments.

Area of study
In addition to having their moments of leisure, the boy will provide SAT scores for Civil Engineering, and needs a unique place to study. Therefore, the architect proposed that the desk to receive the same treatment from the wardrobe, being renewed with matte painting yellow. Mobile brings the singing that was without objects that call attention. The young don’t like strong colors, and Leticia chose shades of gray for the walls, doing a harmonic composition with the furniture.

The crates of fair, with everything on decoration, because they are versatile and economical, making the time of criadomudo (next to the bed) and niches (above the desk), bringing relaxation to the dorm.

The movement between the rooms and the bathroom also needed attention, and the resident would like to decorate it with a few frames. Leticia suggested that the walls were painted with the same color applied in the living room, in addition to recommending a renewal on the doors, you can get white dye, but without matte finish.

“There is a very large extension in this movement, and so there is no exaggeration in the wall, the paintings were distributed in only one part, asymmetrically and with several styles of frames,” explains Leticia.

Main change
The kitchen was the environment that inspired the total transformation, since it was the place where the resident would like to see more changes. Integrated into the dining room, has a ceiling height of 2.90 m, width of 3.32 m and length of 4.35 m, and has a staircase that descends from the room that needed a hand rail. Lilian had thought about doing a kitchen with stools for quick meals, or a kitchen with an island, but had doubts if the measures allowed it. She requires space in the environment, because, on feast days, this is the place where all like to get together and keep talking. Thus, the architect Leticia designed a space that merges the modern style with rustic touches. The ceramic floor was replaced by a 60 x 60 cm porcelain tiles, rectified and finish, by tom gray orthogonal paging. The color conceals dirt and better harmonizes with the other tones used on site.

In the dining area, also used as dining room, was placed a wooden table 140 x 140 cm demolition, with capacity for eight people, and a cupboard, the same material of the table. The wall was painted with a blue tone and received a clipping adhesive, which alludes to a gourmet recipe.

Other side
In the area of preparation of meals, there was a distribution that meets all the requirements of the reader, with lockers to store supplies and utensils, made of MDF with white handles of type profile. The overhead cabinets have doors with opening system through Pistons, which regulate your weight. Heads were coated with Aqualux granite, which has a clear tone and combines with the other materials used. The high bench, with 110 cm, serves as a support for those who are preparing the meals and also as a caterer, in days when lunches or dinners are offered for more people. She was coated with wood wainscoting of demolition, and has a lower level, with 80 cm, that accommodates two more places.

The walls have gained painting with acrylic paint white matte and adhesives that mimic hydraulic tiles in the sink. Beyond the area of the dining room, the blue color is present in the details, like the wooden chairs painted with matte paint.

On the issue of the ladder which requires handrail, Leticia explains: “I advise you to be executed in stainless steel, for durability issues. The time required for technical standard and that ensures comfort to the users is 90 cm. That rail can be installed on the right side of who goes down the stairs. Noting that the port used for the Division and the kitchen has pivoting system, with two leaves

The master bedroom
In your dorm, Lilian Reader said that the architect could choose the tones you wanted, because she likes a lot of colors. The furniture will remain, and only created mutes would be replaced, perhaps by something suspended. In this way, the architect created an environment based on the provençal style, applying matte white paint on the bed and wardrobe to leave them in harmony with the rest of the site. The color of the walls is used as background, in a pitch of the violet family, which leaves the room more comfortable with white furniture. The curtain is voil, champagne color, you don’t fight with the rest of the room.

To the nightstand, the idea was to use a lateral round table with 50 cm diameter, white, also in keeping with the romantic touch of the space.

TV Panel also already existed, and was maintained, being renovated with a fabric printed with arabesques. His side has been extended, to receive a Venetian-style mirror.