How to Remove Nail Stickers

ou want to always tidy nails but you skeptical of reconstruction in acrylic or gel? Here’s the solution: only you nail sticker that you can find in perfumeries Marionnaud!

Since I use this “enamel”, all the women I know, I ask me where I got it.It really is not just a glaze like those that all of us know it is a colored adhesive coating that is applied on the nails! Each pack contains two strips with 8 adhesive (a total of 16 stickers) already cut out the different sizes of nails to achieve a complete manicure and have available also the sticker more, in case of error.

There are several colors to choose from and the really good thing is that only you nail sticker lasts definitely more than just a glaze (approximately 10 days 3-4 weeks hands and feet), the color is always brilliant, not sbecca easily and it does not damage in any way the nail. Even using the darker colors, the effect is very uniform, something really difficult to achieve with traditional glazes. The shades are numerous: from pink to cherry red to brown; there is also the french version. In addition, the adhesive coating can be removed with the solvent very common!

Only you nail stickers are applied directly on the nails dry (do not need pre-treatment.) 1. First we need to identify the adhesive of the most suitable size for the nail from which you want to start, then gradually will join the remaining stickers to the remaining nails. Each strip in the package contains 8 stickers 8 different sizes, ideal for all types of nails.2. Identified the stickers, you have to remove the transparent protective film and remove the adhesive strip from the paint, using the end of silver. 3. So you can gently apply adhesive starting from the edge of the cuticle to get to the end of the nail, making it adhere on the entire area and smoothing the surface with the passage of a finger. If an error occurs, you can remove and re-apply the adhesive, or use another as the package comes with 16 adhesive: unless you do it wrong you will advance 6! 4. Finally, the adhesive part in excess of the size of the nail, It must be bent by applying pressure on the end of the nail and then eliminated. If with this step you can not accurately remove the adhesive paint, you can pass a nail file, gently filing down. It seems difficult, but it is not at all!

Although I have no particular dexterity, the result was more than satisfactory. The application of the adhesive paint is quite simple, you have to have a little ‘patience at the beginning and proceed cautiously, trying not to touch the adhesive area and to take the sticker using the ends of silver. Fear not, the adhesive film can detach and reattach if you’ve backed the wrong point. In the case of the French, the process is slightly more complex but doable because before you apply the white adhesive bezel and then over the paint color you have chosen. I have already tried this solution! I think Only you nail of Marionnaud stickers are a great idea with removing tips: hands and feet in order at a cost of 7.90 Euro per package.