How to Make a Door-Comments and Warnings Using Corks

Here at home we drink a lot of wine, love! And like good artisan I’m not resist keeping most corks, always thinking about a new project. Because today we will see how to make a door-comments, almost a billboard, using some corks.

Actually you don’t need many, since we split them in half, and still you can adapt to your size more or less, depending on your taste and need.

The charm of this project is to just use more bacanudas Stoppers, most top wines and give an even more elegant air to finished piece. But otherwise it’s all so simple, it’s the guy from the Village.

Suggestion: prepare and give your dad on father’s day or take the hint for this one. Super cool!!! Checks out there.

How to make a scrapbook

Separate a 12 width Stoppers and a strip of thick cardboard. You can also use paper holler cartoner. This strip should be about 60cmx5cm.

To cut the corks in half, without suffering, click and read How to prepare Stoppers for crafts

In one of the edges drill a hole to hang on the wall.

Cut out the outline around the hole. I used pinking shears, but you can do with normal scissors.

Apply hot glue the corks cut.

Start gluing the cardboard hole down.

Follow positioning and aligning corks for you to stay well proper.

Trim the excess of cardboard at the end to stay well fresh. Here I used my pinking shears again. Is to your taste.

Nail a few Bed bugs and put in place where best go serve.

See how charming to let the messages and important notes from day to day.

If you do your father, pro boyfriend, brother or friend will please in full, can be assured.