How To Get The Accessories!

Hit The Accessories For Every Occasion It Seems Easy, But Many Women And Men Ask Me How To Do!

Accessories value all looks, masculine or feminine. Since the cufflinks to the most extravagant earrings, accessories are fundamental investment in your wardrobe. You can change your image and be very practical for those professionals who run a lot, always travel and has no time and no space to lose!

Remember, A Few Tips:

Translucent stones are for formal environments

Opaque stones for informality

Men’s leather bracelets are more informal and very stylish

The bravest can use rings in formal attire

On the choice of pieces in silver or gold, worth the personal taste and also a chromatic analysis to help. But honestly choose the your satisfaction and self confidence!

Another valuable tip is how to store these items in your wardrobe. Also applies to men and women.

Let all the shows!!!!!

It is essential that you see your accessories, change your visual and adapts to any occasion you need. For both, the watches are the

great, keep the pieces and are easy to handle. For necklaces and bracelets flexible rods with hooks or pillow & bed sheet (type of towel, building material stores you find) are self adhesive and are super well organized.

It seems futile, but my experience has proved that these “tricks” have helped many executive and Executive in the dynamics of your everyday life! With wardrobe and practical bags and always updated, ready for any meeting or event!

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