How to Decorate Small Apartment Room

Apartment decoration can be much more complicated when compared to home decoration. Why? Apartments tend to be smaller. The kitchens don’t have so much space and they are usually glued to the living room. If you have questions on how to decorate your apartment, don’t panic, because here in this post you will learn everything you need to know about apartment decor. Learn here about how to decorate apartment and enjoy the space of your home in the best possible way.

Your apartment is small and is this only reason you think you can’t organize well? Don’t be fooled! There are many ways to create a sense of greater room in the place. For this reason, it is important to think well about what kind of furniture you should choose and measure the size of all of them in the environment. Very large furniture are not the best choice.

Apartment decoration: where to start to decorate?

Always start with the walls and floors. Choose the colors of the paint and tiles. Forget the classic white and try to innovate in the colors according to the shade which you like best. Neutral tones are very welcome. Yes, but try to paint one wall in a different color or cover it with wallpaper to differentiate from the decoration of the environment. Is it easy, right? Check below:


Avoid very large shelves, for it takes up a lot of space. Prefer a low and small shelf or a panel. Avoid leaving many decorative items scattered around the room, as it creates a sense of messy environment. Prefer a more clean decor that brings a sense of tidiness and elegance to room. Choose a carpet according to the size of the room. Carpets make any room cozier. Garnish with modern and colorful pictures, but do not overdo it. Otherwise, it will give a messy sense to the environment.


Try to simplify as much as you can. Avoid leaving objects around the room and organize books and magazines on a shelf for example. A colored frame to the bottom makes all the difference to decorate the environment. The decor can be simple, which makes the room more beautiful, modern and organized. Innovate in decorating and put a little bit of your personality trait to decorate. Paint the wall in some different colors and use stickers or wallpaper what you choose.


The kitchen of the apartment used to be plastered with the room. How about decorating with a kitchen on site? Saves space and it’s great to chat with the guests while you cook.


Light colors give the environment a greater feeling of spaciousness, but you don’t need to hold only light colors to decorate the bathroom. Bet on vibrant colors to give a cheerful air to the environment. Use shelves to organize the towels and make room.


The tiny apartment also has a laundry. So, how to decorate? Is it a challenge? Not so much. Just be creative and organize the laundry well not to give the feeling of mess. Choose a small closet to organize cleaning products or arrange them in a box. A good decoration mostly depends on the organization .

Do you see? Apartment decoration doesn’t have many mysteries. Just plan and choose the furniture for the apartment. Remembering: plan, innovate, don’t  only use the white base and avoid furniture that occupy a lot of space. Organize well and then your apartment will be well decorated and ready to receive visitors.

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