How to Choose Wallpaper

Wallpapering you can do yourself. There are many types of wallpaper for sale. First, select the type you want to use. You have chosen a wallpaper with a pattern, you must make this meeting up with the wall. Background without pattern, you can apply overlapping but also dismissive. In a new home more often at construction wallpaper. If construction wallpaper around you a simple paper wallpaper paste for a nicer facility singed by

How to Choose Wallpaper

How to choose wallpaper?

Background is a widely used wall coverings in homes. There are different types of wallpaper for sale in the building or painter. Any kind of wallpaper has its own characteristics. For wallpapering, you need some tools. You basically need the same tools for each type of wallpaper. Well there are different types of wallpaper pastes for sale. Depending on the type of wallpaper you want to use on the wall, you need a certain type of wallpaper paste. The heavier the wallpaper is stronger adhesive to be used.


The method that you use for wallpapering varies depending on the type of wallpaper. If you want to make wallpaper with a print on the wall then you are always going to encounter wallpapering. When you press wallpaper paste wallpaper strips against each other on the wall, just so that the pattern flowing seamlessly from one strip to the other band. To use wallpaper without pattern, you can choose to do these overlap. With overlapping wallpaper paste wallpaper strips a few millimeters of each other on the wall.
With the right tools for wallpapering you ensure that the risk of air bubbles is minimized. You are using a wallpaper brush or squeegee. The latter hit with plastic wallpaper and the first with paper wallpaper.


There are various kinds of wallpaper for sale. The most common types are:

  • paper wallpaper
  • plastic wallpaper
  • non-woven wallpaper
  • design wallpaper

Paper wallpaper
Wallpaper is available in different variants. The simplest embodiment is the single layer. This also corresponds to the least powerful and least expensive implementation. A slightly stronger version, the duplex version. This has been done with double layers. The most powerful variant of floor covering woven wallpaper. In this embodiment, there is a non-woven layer applied on the paper. This type can be used without folding table on the wall.
Plastic wallpaper
There are different types of plastic wallpaper that you can use. For example, there are acrylic wallpaper. This is wallpaper with a paper substrate having thereon a layer of plastic material. The advantage of this is that you can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If you want to use a 100% plastic wallpaper when you include a selection of flat vinyl and foam vinyl wallpaper. Both species are very strong and easy to clean.
Non-woven wallpaper
Do you want to work without a wallpaper table, you can use non-woven wallpaper. It also has the nickname fast wallpaper. The procedure of this type of wallpaper is different from paper and plastic wallpaper. The wall is rubbed with a special wallpaper paste for non-woven wallpaper. Then paste non-woven wallpaper glued on the wall. So you do not need to rub it in with wallpaper paste. Mural on the wall can be overlapped or butt paste.
Building wallpaper
Building wallpaper is a wallpaper type used in new homes. There are pasted on the new walls. You must wait a period of time such as trimming of such a wall as the moisture must pull out yet. To avoid having to watch the building blocks will be pasted wallpaper. What you can do is to paste over a simple paper wallpaper. The moisture from the wall can evaporate through the paper covering it.