How to Apply the Nail Stickers

The must of the summer for your nails?

The Nail Stickers
No doubt the nails stickers!

What are the nail stickers?

The evolution of the classic enamel. Say goodbye to the past and the past of enamel to obtain a homogeneous color, chipped, drying time, and the classic enamel ruined after a minute that I will put you!
Now, with nails stickers, just apply these special stickers for nails (see meanings of sticker on Digopaul), and that’s it!
united paints, decorations, your nails you can dress as you like!

How to apply the nail stickers?

The package generally has between 12 and 20 stickers to be applied. Cut a first adhesive, remove it gently and begin to place it on the nail, starting from the lower part, that of the bezel.
Attach a small piece at a time round sticker, nail from the bottom upwards, and on the one hand the other, so that he may lie well without wrinkles.
With a nail file, the excess removed.
Complete spreading a layer of clear nail polish.
to remove them, simply slightly lift a corner, and disconnect them.

How much are your nails stickers?

In stores on average the cost of a pack is around 8 euro. You can still easily find even less, about 2 euro per pack.

Here are some useful links for purchasing your nails online stickers: