How to Apply Garage Floor Coating

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Ideal floor for garage

Julio : The garage is a room that needs a coating for floor, which can withstand the weight of vehicles that are parked there. Therefore, a good option is the cementitious coatings. There is a good variety of coatings of this type on the market. The major brands are the Solarium and Castelatto , which have products with shapes, colors and varied textures.

Another good option is the burnt cement, increasingly present in contemporary environments. The success of this coating will depend on the professional who will make it, since it is a very artisanal character of work.

Use floors that allow permeability. In this category draining floors and interlocking concrete blocks are present, which allow an average permeability of the soil around 90%. When buying one of the two types of coatings, people should inform the supplier that it will be used in the garage, so that the supplier can correctly specify the ideal thickness of the coating and the preparation of the land base for their placement.

Luciano : The choice of flooring for garage varies. As the main concern is cleanliness, I suggest the porcelain, which today plays various roles of different textures, wood or concrete, with the advantage of resisting dirt. Always use large pieces which produce a smaller area of grouting.

Combining with gray floor?

I wanted to use a gray floor in my kitchen, but I’m unsure of what color I can put on the walls. – Rosilda


Luciano : Hello, Rosilda. Gray is a neutral color by nature and it goes with everything. It combines very well with woody tones. I suggest using the white color on the walls and use colorful tones in the decor, such as water green or yellow. It will be a relaxing and cheerful atmosphere.

Apply stickers or adhesives over the ceramic

Luciano : Hello, Beatrice. Adhesive is super cool and gives a cheerful appearance and relaxed in the decoration, but when applied on the ceramic it will show the lines of grouts and will not be beautiful. The solution is to fix a sheet of PVC acetate so that the adhesive applied on this flat surface does not show the tracks between the stone and grout.

Luciano Andrade Lemos is an architect of residential projects, renovations and interior, formed by UFBA and a professor of Architecture course of UNIME.

Julio Conde Cid is an architect graduated from UFF and operates in renovation projects or residential and commercial regularization, interior design, furniture and landscaping.

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