Home Office Wall Stickers

Having a home office becomes increasingly necessary. Tasks such as study, work, or managing finances may not always end up in the office after business hours. Therefore, however small the space is, it is necessary to have a comfortable, practical and appropriate space for activities of their owners.

Next to this need is the problem of lack of space in the homes of large cities. Having a home office often seems impossible. But with planning, organization and creativity, it can be possible that assemble and decorate a special space to work at home without much money or damaging your previous environment charm. Check it:


The first step is to analyze, measure and define the space to be used as a home office. As the decoration and organization decisions will be taken according to its size. The environment must also be functional and stimulate concentration and productivity, but remain comfort and relaxation that only your home offers.


Prioritize mount your home office near windows. Natural lighting reduces energy costs. In addition, invest in table lamps or others.


To facilitate the lighting of the space and keep a clean appearance, lighter shades are ideal for painting the walls of your home office. But that does not mean you can not give more colors to the environment. The colors stimulate concentration, creativity and even humor. So do not be afraid to focus on furniture, objects, details and colorful walls, which can leave a more relaxing atmosphere and its less tiring work.


In addition to decorative objects, use the walls to give a personal touch to the space by photos.

Bet on niches and shelves. In them, put books and other work items that are not often used, but they should be close. Cork or metal murals are also great to make ideas into practice. References and files and even reminders will not mess up the rest of the space.


Regardless of what you work, it is essential that the chosen table is functional and there is enough space to keep your materials organized in a visible way. Tables and benches are ideal size, so you can turn any corner of your home into an office, regardless of size.

Glass counter tops give lightness to the space, as well as being modern.

Floating or fixed to the wall stands can increase your work space without taking the place of other mobile or environmental movement, especially if you use furniture with wheels.


To maintain the functionality and integration of your office, give preference to wireless equipment. If you can not afford, invest in gadgets to organize wires and cables of electronic equipment that will be on your desk.


If you want to differentiate the space of the home office from the rest of the house, use vinyl sticker floor. Besides being easy to apply and exchange, everything is done without breaking. It will be an advantage especially for those who live in rented spaces.

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