Gift Tip For Parents ‘ Day With Great Design

Parents ‘ day is coming (13-08) and often this date is full of concern because it is not always easy to present dad. Not to fall into the same idea every year as socks, ties, scarves (will still use), perfumes and shoes, how about present your dad with a beautiful silver jewelry with wood?

brand Wooden Design has templates for all kinds of parents. Rings, Cufflinks, tie fasteners and pendants in silver with hardwood.

The law crafted wood brings your print, this makes each piece of jewelry only. Why are expected variations in coloring that add beauty to your final piece.

The jewel is a gift that marks a date, a time, a time and can pass from generation to generation.

Wooden Design

Wood and silver are transformed into masculine and feminine jewelry

The wealth of natural beauty in the Woods, with the world of jewellery, was born a Wooden Design, brand has transformed hardwood and silver in parts that are true masculine and feminine jewelry.

Earrings, necklaces, rings, wedding rings, bracelets, cufflinks and pendantes are created by partners J Harasim Bizinelli and Renato Porfirio, two lovers of natural products offered by nature: 950 silver and wood. The designers opted for these raw materials by the plethora of techniques that they offer, which provides the widest range of parts and innovative designs and contemporary.

The Wooden Design only works with hardwoods. By being tougher, allow reaching the result expected by the designers, besides having excellent durability. Some parts are produced with wood reused in the manufacturing process of musical instruments. Are small chips that are discarded during the process of making guitars and violins that to the brand are of extreme wealth. Another concern of the Wooden Design is get Woods that have sharp, presenting strong aesthetic appeal of marking or colouring.

The current collection of the brand, has inspired the geometric base. Tan and Renato created pieces that explore the simplicity of the most basic forms of geometry as squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles. The pieces in the collection were created on Basis Imbuia, Muirapiranga, rosewood, Pau Ferro, Roxinho, Louro Faia, Maple, ebony and Zebrano.